According to locals, these are the best paellas in Barcelona (2024)

So many flavors so many opinions, that’s why it is so difficult to rely on any advice when it comes to finding the best paella in Barcelona! That’s why we took it very seriously and surveyed the most authoritative experts: local people from Barcelona. And in this article, we give you a variety of options to choose from and judge for yourself. 

Few will dare to discuss the fact that paella is one of the most representative dishes of Spanish gastronomy, especially in Mediterranean regions. Its name comes from the type of pan in which it is prepared, and its ingredients originate from the sea, as well as from the orchard or livestock. For this reason, we can find a big variety of this dish: seafood paella, soupy rice, meat paella, vegetable paella, mixed, black rice, with lobster…

This dish is so famous that it is considered a great attraction in the city of Barcelona, so more and more tourists along with the locals are looking for the best paella in Barcelona among the city’s restaurants.

And here is our list with some of the places that serve the best paellas in Barcelona those clients recommend them the most.

where to eat paella in Barcelona
Maná 75

1. Maná 75

Among best paella restaurant in Barcelona, Maná 75  will conquer your heart (and your sense of taste). Eating a paella prepared by experts does not happen every day. In Maná 75 they know it, that’s why it is an experience that you should not miss. Authentic paellas are cooked on an open fire in front of the guests. Effective presentation of the meals, beautiful cozy interior according to the best Feng Shui practices, and green garden with the breeze from the Mediterranean Sea. Also, take a look at their Jazz and Music events and cocktail menu. 

Our recommendations? In Maná 75 there are 14 types of paellas for every taste! For example: the lobster paella (delicious, with fresh produce and a traditional recipe) or the mountain rice with black sausage and pork rib confit (honoring their beloved Catalan land).

  • Features: Spacious, full of light and great atmosphere. Perfect for meetings, celebrations and family meals. Open kitchen and live music at sunset. Open every day.
  • Location: Passeig de Joan de Borbó 101,  Barcelona.
  • Neighborhood: La Barceloneta
  • Reservations: mana75.es
  • Price per paella: €25/person. (minimum 2 people).
  • Instagram: @mana75barcelona

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Perfect to try the specialty of the house:


2. El Xiringo

La paella buena es aquella que todos recuerdan con el paso del tiempo. Esa a la que en ocasiones especiales queremos recurrir. El Xiringo tiene esa paella y otras más en su carta. La paella de marisco, por su calidad y cuidado en la elaboración, se ha ganado un buen posicionamiento en este listado de mejores paellas de Barcelona.

  • Características: Bodega interior. Paellas, arroces y platillos varios.
  • Ubicación: Carrer de Sant Carles, 23 (Barcelona)
  • Reservas: 936 67 82 83;
  • Precio por paella: 15€/pers. (mínimo 2 personas)

3. 7 Portes

To find the best paella in Barcelona it is never a bad idea to resort to the classics. For this reason, in 7 Portes you can find some of the most delicious paellas in the city, because they haven’t stopped perfecting their recipes since 1836. There is no doubt that they know what they are doing behind the stoves! Their best-known paella is the famous “Paella Parellada”, a Catalan specialty also known as “arròs a la mandra”, “arròs a la gandula” or “arròs de cec”. It is called that because all the ingredients are well peeled and placed, so that the diner does not have to do any effort and enjoy the dish. And this is how 7 Portes occupies a well-deserved place among barcelona best paella restaurants in 2022.

  • Characteristics: Experts in traditional Catalan food and paellas. Large dining hall.
  • Location: Passeig d’Isabel II, 14 (Barcelona). Pla de Palau front.
  • Reservations: 93 319 30 33; reserves@7portes.com
  • Price per paella: €25.50/person. (minimum 2 people)

4. El Racó del Mariner

In the selection of the best paellas in Barcelona, this restaurant could not be missing. El Racó del Mariner is an emblematic fisherman’s beach bar in La Barceloneta where you can find all kinds of dishes with ingredients that come from the sea. Its seafood paella and its soupy rice leave no one indifferent, which is why its tables continue to be filled by fishermen and workers from the sector. Flavorful dishes, traditional recipes and very good value for money. Well deserved place in our list for their  best paellas in La Barceloneta.

  • Characteristics: Authentic fisherman cuisine, specialists in paellas, fish and seafood.
  • Location: Port del Fòrum, Carrer de la Pau, Local P-0 (Barcelona)
  • Reservations: 645593096
  • Price per paella: €16.90/person. (minimum 2 people)

5. Can Solé

The Can Solé restaurant can brag about making the most authentic paellas in Barcelona at a good price. Being already a classic in Barcelona, its “arroz a banda” is one of the most demanded dishes by its customers, at any time of the year and for all kinds of celebrations. As good specialists in seafood dishes, they use top quality seafood products.

  • Characteristics: A traditional restaurant specializing in paellas, seafood and traditional dishes from the Catalan culture.
  • Location: Carrer de Sant Carles, 4 (Barcelona)
  • Reservations: restaurantcansole.com/reservas-online/
  • Price per paella: €17/person.

6. Arume

Another place where you can eat the best paellas in Barcelona like a real king is Arume. Thanks to its Galician owners, this restaurant knows how to use the ingredients that come from the sea. The “paella Arume de los mares gallegos” is exquisite and can brighten up any day! And if it doesn’t, tell it to the residents of the Raval! They love it and the restaurant is always very busy, so it is recommended to always book in advance.

  • Characteristics: Typical Galician dishes, paellas with a modern touch in a restaurant with simple and pleasant decoration.
  • Location: Carrer d’en Bottle, 11, Barcelona
  • Reservations: 933 154 872; arumerestaurant.com
  • Price per paella: €16.50/person.

7. El Racó de l’Agüir

In our previous list of the best paella restaurants in Barcelona, we already included this jewel of Mediterranean food. El Racó de l’Agüir has been open since 1990, offering its public the local market cuisine and Alicante-style rice dishes. Of which they have a variety of types: meat paellas, vegetable paellas, seafood paellas, but we would not be able to choose any of them in particular. Their dishes are a delight, so let yourself be recommended by their staff to try the best paella that will accommodate your individual preferences.

  • Characteristics: Marketplace cuisine. Valencian rice. Modern decoration.
  • Location: Carrer de Tamarit, 117 (Barcelona).
  • Reservations: 93 426 68 39
  • Price per paella: €15/person.

Enjoy the good weather on the GREEN terrace of Maná75. Sea breeze, smell of rosemary and the flavor of paellas…

Discover the paradise of La Barceloneta!

8. La Mar Salada

This paella restaurant in La Barceloneta not only offers a cozy and fresh atmosphere, but also no less than 7 different types of paellas. And the thing is that in La Mar Salada they know what they do! Among them, the  “paella de cigalas y gambitas de la Barceloneta” stands out, one of the most demanded by its customers.

  • Characteristics: Restaurant specializing in paellas and fideuá, made with quality products. Cozy atmosphere.
  • Location: Passeig de Joan de Borbo Comte de Barcelona, 58 (Barcelona)
  • Reservations: 932 212 127
  • Price per paella: €21/person.

9. Can Ros

The same owners of La Mar Salada have another jewel of best paellas in Barcelona. Their “arroz negro con alcachofas y escupiñas” paella is a delight that no one should miss. Wonders are spoken about this paella restaurant, since they are one of the few that continue to choose directly from the Lonja (fisherman’s auction) the pieces that they are going to use each day, and that is noticeable in the final result.

  • Characteristics: Restaurant with a family atmosphere, emblematic and charming. Specialists in rice dishes, fish and shellfish dishes.
  • Location: Carrer de l’Almirall Aixada, 7 (Barcelona)
  • Reservations: 93 221 4579
  • Price per paella: €17.50/person.

10. Can Ramonet

If there is something that should be highlighted about this paella restaurant, it is its use of the local products. They work with always fresh, km.0 and seasonal products. In addition, they also know how to cook paellas: their rice is always at its point.

Led by the prestigious chef Marc Gascons (who has renewed the classics of Catalan gastronomy and has a Michelin star), the cuisine of the Informal restaurant has “paella de arroz seco de erizos de mar y trufa negra Melanosporum” on its menu. A dish that not only draws attention for its interesting ingredients, but also for its flavor.

  • Characteristics: Charming restaurant. Ideal for couples and groups of friends. Catalan cuisine.
  • Location: Passeig de Colom, 9 (Barcelona). With Carrer de la Plata.
  • Reservations: 931 691 869
  • Price per paella: €31.50/person.

the Best Paella in Barcelona in MANÁ 75

When you search for “the best paella in Barcelona reviews” on Google, everyone agrees on the same thing: the traditional flavor, the process of cooking, the time the rice is being prepared along with the fresh and seasonal ingredients are the key to achieving paella that customers fall in love with. 

That’s why there aren’t as many who know how to do it well! We hope this article made this choice a little easier and you’ve found the perfect option for yourself. 

If you want to eat the best paella in Barcelona, go to true masters of the stove and paella pans. We are waiting for you at Maná 75!

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