11 best restaurants in La Barceloneta for any Taste and Budget

Where to eat in La Barceloneta in 2023? Here is a list of the most popular restaurants.

Lunch or dinner at the best restaurants in La Barceloneta is a wonderful pleasure that does not necessarily have to break the bank. So if you are looking for where to eat in La Barceloneta, you are in the right place.

We made a short list of best of the best restaurant for any Choice and Budget, based on opinion of local people and expats living in Barcelona. If you’re in La Barceloneta or planning to visit,  join us as we explore 11 of the best restaurants La Barceloneta has to offer.  

mejores arrocerrias barcelona

1. Maná 75

Paellas, Vine and Catalan Vibe.One of the best restaurants La Barceloneta has to offer

Maná 75 is one of the best restaurants in La Barceloneta if you want to enjoy traditional Spanish cuisine and the best paellas in all of La Barceloneta. You’ll find plenty of options on the menu in this restaurant’s comfortable Mediterranean atmosphere: Seafood, Paellas, Tapas and large selections on Spanish vines. 

Then interior of Maná 75 is made according to the best Feng Shui principles. What make you feel just great!  Spacious common areas, lots of light, big round tables designed to share and talk, sunny terrace, jazz concerts and excellent service. Maná 75 is a very popular place among local families and the old generation of Catalans, which creates a genuinely special atmosphere there.

  • Features: Pleasant ambience, plenty of space. Ideal for get-togethers, parties, and dinners with the family. Sunsets with open kitchens and live bands. A constant presence; open 7 days a week.
  • Location: Passeig de Joan de Borbó 101, Barcelona.
  • Reservations: +34 938 32 6415; reserva@mana75.es
  • Price: Between €30 and €45
× Entrante
× Arroz
× Postre
× Café

Perfecto para probar la especialidad de la casa :


2. FOC Barceloneta

This restaurant is located on the bustling Barceloneta beach in Barcelona

It is important to us that you have a wide variety of dining alternatives, therefore we’ve included FOC Barceloneta on our list of the best restaurants at Barceloneta Beach. In a sleek and vibrant setting, this eatery serves up some of the best Latin American cuisine around. This spot is great if you want to get a bite to eat before heading down to the beach to bask in the sun, feel the salty air, and maybe even catch some Z’s.

  • Characteristics: Exciting atmosphere and delicious Latin cuisine.
  • Location: Passeig de Joan de Borbó, 66, Barcelona
  • Reservations: +34 932 24 11 53
  • Price: Between €15 and €25

3. La Bombeta

It's one of those classic Barceloneta restaurants that never fails to please

Barceloneta’s La Bombeta is an excellent eatery known for its broad selection of tapas (small plates) and other dishes, as well as its excellent sangria and other traditional beverages, and its excellent speciality, bombs. You can’t pass up this spot if you’re looking for reasonably priced, delicious tapas. They value their customers and work only with fresh food. La Bombeta deserves the title of the most popular local cheap eats and tapas restaurants in La Barceloneta.

  • Characteristics: Iconic tapas bar in the center of La Barceloneta.
  • Location: Carrer de la Maquinista, 3, Barcelona.
  • Reservations: 93 319 94 45
  • Price: Between €20 and €30

4.Can Sardi

Among the most recommended restaurants in Barceloneta

While La Barceloneta is home to a large number of restaurants, not all of them adhere to the traditional decor and cuisine of the neighborhood. Can Sardi is one of those dive bars/restaurants that stands out because of its endearing atmosphere and knowledgeable staff on the cuisines of Catalonia and Sardinia. The fresh pasta, seafood, and shellfish are the main attractions of this eatery making this a staple of the region.

  • Characteristics: Coastal eatery. Catalan cuisine and other Mediterranean fare. Prepares only the freshest, hand-made pasta and seafood meals.
  • Location: Carrer de Pepe Rubianes, 25, Barcelona
  • Reservations: +34 93 137 36 02
  • Price: Between €20 and €30

5. Velissima Barcelona

A restaurant in the port of La Barceloneta

Velissima blends a new idea of restoration and lifestyle in the Mediterranean, inspired by the splendor of the Amalfi coast and La Dolce Vita of the late 1950s.

With its food, you can take a trip along the Italian coast and into some inland regions, enjoying great wines, fish and seafood, pasta, pizza, and delicious desserts. Velissima deserves the title of one of the best fancy restaurants in La Barceloneta.

  • Characteristics: Restaurant in the port of La Barceloneta. Italian and Mediterranean dishes.
  • Location:  Passeig de Joan de Borbó, 103, Barcelona
  • Reservations: +34 93 626 84 26
  • Price: Between €30 and €45

6. Katsuo Sushi & Ramen

Oriental cuisine in an industrial style setting

There is a restaurant in La Barceloneta beach  that has views of the sea, but you may also discover fantastic possibilities to dine very well just by roaming about the neighborhood. Katsuo Sushi & Ramen has the potential to become your best friend on a night when you are in the mood for something a little bit unusual to eat in a neighborhood that has a lot of energy. Gyosas, soups, ramen, and sushi of every imaginable kind are just some of the meals that can be found on the extensive menu that this restaurant provides.

  • Characteristics: Authentic Asian food served in a pleasant, intimate setting; the restaurant has an industrial theme.
  • Location: Carrer de Ginebra, 20, Barcelona.
  • Reservations: +34 658 97 75 91
  • Price: Between €15 and €25

7. La Mar Salada

This Barceloneta restaurant is one of the best.

The charm and flair of the cooking staff at Mar Salada, which is managed by Marc Singla, shine through in the restaurant’s seafood cuisine. To put it another way, we are discussing traditional foods from the Mediterranean region, but with an updated and original spin. This is one of the most iconic and exclusive and best restaurants in all of La Barceloneta, and it is definitely on the list of the greatest restaurants there.

  • Characteristics: Restaurant that specializes in Mediterranean cuisine and uses only high-quality ingredients in its preparations. Cozy ambiance and beautiful views of the harbor.
  • Location: Passeig de Joan de Borbó Comte de Barcelona, 58, Barcelona.
  • Reservations: +34 932 212 127
  • Price: Between €30 and €45

8. Can Majó

A combined La Barceloneta restaurant (Barcelona)

Customers love the classic, characteristic vibe that the typical Barceloneta eateries exude. Fresh fish is Can Majó’s specialty, but they also provide a vast range of foods on the menu including appetizers, meat meals, and rice dishes. Can Majó has long been a reliable spot to experience fresh, high-quality products.Can Majo is one of the mosy known among best paella restaurants in La Barceloneta in Barcelona

  • Characteristics: Open-air eatery with exposed brick and wooden beam ceiling. There is a terrace overlooking the ocean, with round tables for large parties and an extensive menu.
  • Where: Carrer de l’Almirall Aixada, 23 (Barcelona).
  • Reservations: +34 93 221 54 55
  • Price: Between €30 and €45

9. La Peninsular

Fantastic example of the usual Barceloneta dining scene

It’s natural to seek good, high-quality food when planning a trip to one of La Barceloneta’s many restaurants. Tapas and seafood nibbles are available in the colorful and historic La Peninsular pub. Fresh fish meals, omelets, and vermouths are prepared from potatoes grown in the area. Those who consider themselves “great eaters” will find a lot to their liking at this restaurant.

  • Characteristics: regional specialties and tapas. Seafood-centric tavern serving up traditional fare with a modern twist.
  • Location: Carrer del Mar, 29, Barcelona.
  • Reservations: +34 93 221 40 89
  • Price: Between €17 and €20

10. Port Vela

Superb Mediterranean cuisine and scenic views

As we’re on the topic of excellent dining establishments in Barceloneta, we may as well include this one as well. Port Vela is a restaurant in the center of Barcelona’s port where you can eat Mediterranean food on a terrace overlooking the sea in Barceloneta. Fresh seafood, shellfish, pork, montaditos, salads, and even a wide selection of vermouths and beers complement the pleasant atmosphere.

  • Characteristics: Seafood and Spanish tapas. A laid-back, romantic eatery serving up tasty, simple fare.
  • Location: Passeig de Joan de Borbó, 103, Local 7/8, Barcelona.
  • Reservations: +34 93 356 83 42
  • Price: Between €20 and €30

11. Camping Mar

La Barceloneta is renowned for its marine ambiance and secret patio.

La Barceloneta is the kind of location you want to visit year-round. This is the guiding principle of Sea Camping, a Grupo Tragaluz restaurant with a spacious patio and a chic dining room that serves up a cuisine that will take you on a culinary journey around the Mediterranean. Sea Camping is one of the newest restaurant in the Por Vell area of La Barceloneta.

  • Characteristics: An up-to-date Mediterranean eatery with a sizable outdoor seating area.
  • Location: Marina Vela, Passeig de Joan de Borbó, 103, Barcelona.
  • Reservations: +34 93 408 89 01
  • Price: Between €30 and €45

The best Barceloneta restaurants have their doors open! Are you ready to visit?

With the return of warmer temperatures, our anticipation of spending the day outside with loved ones grows. This may be done in a perfect setting along La Barcelona’s shore. Take a moment to picture yourself at La Barceloneta, enjoying a day at the beach, a glass of wine and some appetizers on a sunny deck, and a sumptuous meal at one of the city’s finest restaurants for lunch.

To make a reservation at one of the finest La Barceloneta restaurants Maná 75, please call us or click here.





Enjoy the good weather on the GREEN terrace of Maná75. Sea breeze, smell of rosemary and the flavor of paellas…

Discover the paradise of La Barceloneta!

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