Authentic Food Flavors of Mexico: The Best Mexican Restaurants in Barcelona

Photo: San Pedrito

The tantalizing crunch of tacos, the zesty salsa, the medley of corn and vegetables, and the punch of chili—doesn’t it make your mouth water? Today, let’s explore the finest Mexican restaurants in Barcelona, where you can indulge in the most gratifying and heart-warming cuisine around: Mexican food in Barcelona.

These venues offer authentic flavors of Mexico, right in the heart of Barcelona. This authenticity gets a regular nod of approval from my friend Chris, who hails from Oaxaca. Every time we frequent these spots, his favorites, he deems them genuine and superbly enjoyable.

The 20 Mexican Restaurants That Are Essential in Barcelona

Burritos, quesadillas, tacos, crunchy nachos, appetizers, and a whole host of delicacies have journeyed worldwide to become a beloved part of global cuisine. Barcelona is no exception, where the love for Mexican food is so immense that it boasts Michelin-starred restaurants, some of which require reservations months in advance.

Today, I’m thrilled to share a curated list of the 20 best Mexican restaurants in Barcelona, handpicked from my personal experiences and inspired by my friend Chris’s discerning palate and affection for his native land. 

Bon appétit!

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1. San Pedrito, Restaurante Y Licorería

The Mexican restaurant in Barcelona for dining, drinking, and dancing the night away

This is the venue where Chris truly feels at home. To him, it’s akin to teleporting to his native land without the need for a plane ticket. It’s a slice of Mexico, with traditions and culture brought straight from Puebla and Cholula, enabling compatriots in Barcelona to relive the fond memories of their homeland. The tequilas and spirits inevitably have all the patrons swaying to the vibrant beats of cumbia.

4.5★ | El Born | C/ de la Fusina, 6 | @sanpedritobcn | 938581070

2. La Curandera

La Barceloneta's Mexican Oasis: Food that Soothes the Soul

Chef Jordi, originating from Cuernavaca, captivates everyone who tastes the offerings at La Curandera. How does he do this? I’m uncertain if it’s the power of lore or some secret ingredient, but every time I savor their fish tacos and micheladas my heart fills with joy. If you’re craving Mexican food in Barcelona and find the hot sauces a tad overwhelming, the refreshing Barceloneta beach is just two blocks away, perfect for a cooling respite.

4.7★ | La Barceloneta | C. del Judici, 12 | @lacuranderabcn | 936019133

3. Tlaxcal Cantina & Taquería Gastronómica

Expert Taco Artisans at a Mexican Cuisine Restaurant

Craving genuine Mexican tacos in Barcelona? Look no further than Tlaxcal Cantina & Taqueria. They dish out the best tacos in Barcelona, a statement I confidently make and my Oaxacan friend vouches for. Don’t miss the “al pastor” tacos—roasted pork paired with pineapple—or the succulent veal stew enriched with lime and cilantro. The mere thought is enough to make my taste buds tingle!

4.5★ | El Born | C/ del Comerç, 27 | @tlaxcalbcn | 932684134

Maná 75

From tacos to paellas: the Mediterranean favorite of Mexicans in Barcelona

Mana 75 is the dining spot that even managed to impress my Oaxacan friend Chris. At least once a month, he ventures beyond his beloved Mexican food to indulge in what he declares as the finest paellas in Barcelona. This Mediterranean establishment is a true revelation for anyone keen to fully experience the culinary traditions of Catalonia’s capital.

Escape the city’s hustle, the throng of tourists, and immerse in pure enjoyment of companionship and delectable meals. This inviting eatery, bathed in natural light, features round tables and a charming garden terrace, perfect for leisurely midday vermouth. If you’re looking to introduce Mexican friends to quality Mediterranean fare at a reasonable price, this is the place. Just remember to book ahead to secure your spot.

4.4 ★ | La Barceloneta | Pg. de Joan de Borbó, 101 | @mana75barcelona | 938326415


× Starter

× Main dish

× Dessert

× Coffee


Perfect to try the specialty of the house:


4. Gallo Santo

Mexican Eatery in Gràcia Boasting Vegan Options

This Mexican restaurant in Gràcia is a top-notch choice for those seeking vegan meals without compromising an iota of authenticity in taste. Their house specialty is the guacamole—add a dash of their hot sauce, and it’s a game-changer. Every dish is wonderfully flavorful and represents excellent value for quality, quantity, and price. If you’re close to The Sagrada Familia, they operate another outlet at Carrer de la Marina, 212.

4.5★ | Gràcia  | Carrer del Torrent de l’Olla, 64 | @gallosantobarcelona | 930276746

5. Cantina machito

The most traditional Mexican food in Barcelona

Each year on September 18th, Chris insists on celebrating his birthday at this particular venue. Despite the plethora of alternatives, he remains devoted, largely due to the irresistible mexican food in Barcelona with its handcrafted tortillas and the slow-simmered stews. Our favorite section is the interior courtyard, with its vibrant atmosphere, vivid colors, and authentic Mexican music, providing a refreshing escape from modern minimalism and formality.

4.1 | Gràcia | C/ de Torrijos, 47B | @cantinamachito | 932173414

6. La Picantería de l'Escribà

Mexican food restaurant with Peruvian, Brazilian, and Japanese fusions

La Picantería invites you to indulge, put diet plans aside, and savor the world’s most exceptional usion cuisine. All of our cherished dishes are gathered in this single spot, thanks to its founders, Mariana Silveria and Joan Escribà, who wisely chose to establish it in Poblenou’s heart, Barcelona. I’ve undertaken a personal mission to taste every single dish on their menu, and thus far, each one has exceeded expectations. Particularly noteworthy are the Limean sauce with red tuna, the ceviches, the beef loin, and the cochinita pibil.

4.5 | El Poblenou | Carrer de Marià Aguiló, 59  | @lapicanteriaescriba | 934614315

7. Come

Among Barcelona's Top Mexican Restaurants: Holder of a Michelin Star

Michelin Star restaurants in Barcelona serve up otherworldly culinary experiences, and Mexican Michelin restaurant “Eat” by Paco Mendez stands out even in this elite group. I didn’t require Chris’s endorsement to recognize it as Barcelona’s premier Mexican venue. Its tasting menu delivers exceptional value for a luxury restaurant. This spot provides a singular interpretation of Mexican cuisine that will truly tantalize your taste buds.

4.4 | Sant Antoni | Av. de Mistral, 54 | @comerestaurant | 938275977

8. Maro Azul

From Mexico's Seas to Barcelona's Tables: A Unique Mexican Seafood Restaurant

Maro Azul is a haven of inviting wicker decor, warm ambiance, and homely comfort. This distinct Mexican restaurant in Barcelona is perfect for tranquil nights, family get-togethers, or anyone in pursuit of genuine Mexican seafood flavors. While slightly more costly than your average roadside taquería, the superb quality of the fare justifies every cent. Trust in the staff’s recommendations; they’re attuned to serving the best on their menu.

4.7 | La Sagrada Familia | C/ de Roger de Flor, 218 | @maroazul_mx | 934319723

9. Oaxaca Cuina Mexicana

Barcelona's Mexican Eatery Highly-Regarded by Oaxaqueños

All the views expressed here are drawn directly from the most discerning Oaxaqueño in Barcelona, my friend Chris. In his words: “Nowhere else outside my homeland have I encountered dishes that evoke such strong memories of it.” The Michelin guide listing is secondary here; the primary marvel is how they transport you to Oaxaca from the very first bite. I doubted I would encounter high-caliber traditional Mexican food elsewhere in Barcelona, yet Oaxaca Cuina Mexicana has pleasantly surprised me.”

4.2 | El Born | Pla de Palau, 19 | @oaxacabcn | 933190064

Cocina Internacional

10. Kiltro Restobar

The Most Sought-After Mexican Bar in Barcelona

Few Mexican bars in Barcelona boast a cocktail lineup as exquisite as that of KILTRO’s. Without prior reservation, you risk missing out on the experience, or you may need to savor it from the bar—a fantastic option if you’re in a relaxed mood. Here, an amalgamation of Latin American flavors commands your attention. Before you depart, ensure you’ve tasted the finest nachos in Barcelona, along with their signature Esperanza and Pisco Punch cocktails.

4.8 | Gràcia | Carrer del Montseny, 13, Local 2 | @kiltro_bcn | 931920763

11. La cocina de Graciela

Top Mexican Destination: Serving Authentic Jalisco Cuisine

Before exploring traditional Mexican food, I dismissed avocado ice cream as a culinary misstep, until sampling it at this restaurant led to an immediate infatuation. As per Chris, it’s as though his grandmother is helming the kitchen. Here, the dishes faithfully mirror the traditional flavors, particularly of the Nayarit/Jalisco region. As expected, shrimp is the specialty—you simply cannot miss the shrimp burrito, the aguachile, and the mixed fish ceviche.

4.5 | Hospitalet de Llobregat | Passatge del Xiprer, 5 | @lacocinadegraciela | 931927361

12. Restaurant Puerto Escondido

Mexican Gastronomy: Barcelona's Secret Culinary Jewels

Puerto Escondido sets the standard for Mexican dining in Barcelona. Without resorting to traditional mariachi or ranchera music, or the colorful adornments usually associated with Mexican eateries, it still conveys authentic Mexican food flavors right to your table. Entirely shunning stereotypes, it delivers a genuine Mexican culinary journey reminiscent of dining in a restaurant in Mexico City. Owners Elena and Herme, originating from Oaxaca, present unique dishes such as seafood soup or pumpkin blossom-stuffed purple quesadillas.

4.6 | Poblenou | Carrer de Marià Aguiló, 26 | @restaurantpuertoescondido | 932779672

13. Mexcla

Top-tier Mexican Cuisine: Tapas Paired with Tequila, Lemon, and Salt

Chris and I enjoyed unforgettable Friday afternoons at Mexcla restaurant, a culinary crossroad where Spanish tapas marry Mexican food, conjuring an atmosphere of sheer delight and camaraderie. The ceviche is of top-notch quality, but other standout dishes include cochinita pibil tacos, hibiscus flower, and the mouth-watering three-milk mousse dessert.

4.3 | Gràcia | C/ de Ramón y Cajal, 35 | @mexclabarcelona | 930073938

14. El Tianguis

Mexicans in Barcelona: A restaurant with the spiciest taco

For lovers of truly fiery tacos, El Tianguis is a must-visit. No Mexican restaurant stays true to its heritage without a touch of heat. As a spice enthusiast, I frequent this place to set my palate ablaze with their signature offerings: the al pastor taco, chicken tinga quesadilla, and huitlacoche and mushroom taco. Their cocktail bar deserves recognition too, serving some of the best tequila blends.

4.4 | Sant Antoni | C. de Villarroel, 42 | @eltianguisbarcelona | 934523561

15. El Gallo de Oro

Vibrant Mexican Eatery with a Terrace in Barcelona's Heart

Just a short stroll away from La Sagrada Familia, you’ll find El “Gallo de Oro” restaurant, a formidable contender among Latin American cuisine restaurants in the vicinity. The locals have made sipping micheladas on their terrace a cherished tradition, and their cheesecakes are a true delight, rivaling even the renowned treats from Asturias.

4.5 | Sagrada Familia | C/ de Nàpols, 266 | @elgallodeorobcn | 938072675


Enjoy the good weather on the GREEN terrace of Maná75. Sea breeze, smell of rosemary and the flavor of paellas…

Discover the paradise of La Barceloneta!

16. La Curandera

Mexican Delight in Barcelona: The Soul-Healer of L'Eixample

Jordi, hailing from Cuernavaca, found himself overwhelmed by the demand at his La Barceloneta location and had to open another in L’Eixample, much to the gratitude of passersby in the area. The new mexican restaurant carries the same commitment to quality, authentic flavors, and soul-soothing tacos, albeit on the other side of the city. While both “La Curandera” locations excel, I personally lean towards the original in La Barceloneta due to its proximity to the beach. The only notable difference lies in the quesabirrias, which happen to be the very best in all of Barcelona.

4.6 | L´Eixample | C/ del Consell de Cent, 236 | @lacuranderabcn | 931250821

17. Costa Pacífico

Seafaring Delights: Barcelona's Premier Mexican Restaurant

Costa Pacifico entices with its maritime charm, captivating guests not only with the Kraken embellishing the walls but also with the  enticing taste of the city’s most authentic ceviche among all Mexican restaurants in Barcelona. The aguachile is another sought-after delicacy here. Chris holds a particular fondness for the delightful tacos and tostadas, and it’s easy to see why. Innovative dishes with intriguing flavors further elevate the culinary experience, delighting the palate with every bite.

4.4 | El Born | Plaça de Sant Agustí Vell, 13 | @costapacificobcn | 936317062

18. Azul Frida

Mexican Cuisine and Cocktails in the Heart of Raval

Frida Azul, a Mexican gastro bar, guarantees an experience that extends beyond the taste buds. While their blue tortillas are certainly a standout feature, their cocktail offerings are also exceptional, making a strong case for being among the city’s finest. Additionally, they offer a diverse range of options for vegans and vegetarians, ensuring that these alternatives match the original recipes in every delightful way.

4.7 | El Raval | C/ del Pintor Fortuny, 24 | @azulfridabar | 936323222

19. Tamarindo

Authentic Mexican Eatery with Irresistible Homemade Desserts

Tamarindo is yet another beloved taqueria in Barcelona, capturing the hearts of Mexicans residing in the city. Their delectable Mexican street food boasts powerful flavors reminiscent of homemade goodness. The popularity of their nachos is akin to an exclusive treat, drawing in food enthusiasts like ants to sugar. However, what truly steals the show at Tamarindo are the desserts, particularly the mouth-watering cheesecake and corn cake that never fail to leave a lasting impression.

4.5 | L´Eixample | C/ d’Aragó, 236 | @taquerias_tamarindo | 930023774

20. Chilangos

Barcelona's Mezcal Haven: The Ultimate Mexican Restaurant Experience

Since its inception in 2017, Chilangos has emerged as one of Barcelona’s hippest taquerias. The energy here is contagious, attracting groups of friends seeking excellent mezcal or margaritas, as well as Mexican food enthusiasts in pursuit of top-notch burritos and nachos. Whether you opt for home delivery, takeout, or a visit to the restaurant itself, it’s advisable to secure a reservation in advance to ensure a seamless dining experience.

4.4 | El Raval | Carrer Nou de la Rambla, 95 | @chilangosbarcelona | 938337316

These Mexican foods in Barcelona Will Make You Exclaim, "Viva México!"

Viva España, viva Barcelona, and viva México! Without a doubt, this cuisine has fulfilled our longing for flavors bursting with personality. The robust and spicy tastes are a must-try in these Mexican eateries that, despite being far from their homeland, transport you there in an instant. Prepare to savor an experience of a lifetime that will leave you shouting, “Long live Mexico!

Barcelona stands as a multicultural hub of culinary delights, offering a rare gem in Europe where you can truly savor authentic flavors from Peru, Japan, Catalonia, Italy, and beyond. With options catering to every palate and upholding a high standard of quality, there is something for everyone in this vibrant city. If you seek exceptional Mexican food in Barcelona, any of the previously mentioned restaurants will prove to be an excellent choice.

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