The Mediterranean cuisine in Barcelona: Authentic Spanish restaurants that you cannot miss in 2023

Can you imagine going to Egypt and not visiting the pyramids of Giza, or going to the Caribbean and not looking for the picturesque beaches, or going to Madrid and not walking along Gran Vía? Well, it’s the same as not visiting a Spanish restaurant in Barcelona with its delicious Mediterranean cuisine.

The gastronomy of the city is closely linked to the cultural richness sought by those who visit it. You will find a variety of ingredients, exotic textures, unique and irresistible flavors. And as the ingredients are as fresh and natural as they can be, the dishes are as healthy as they are delicious. Main protagonists would be fish, legumes, fruits, vegetables, fresh spices and most importantly – wines. 

Keep reading to find out which are the best Spanish restaurants in Barcelona. These are the most faithful to Mediterranean food traditions and that you shouldn’t miss in 2023.




Flavors and traditions of Mediterranean: the 11 best Spanish restaurants in Barcelona

The following restaurants were chosen based on the recommendations of the locals themselves and connoisseurs of Mediterranean cuisine and culture. The menu isn’t the only reason to visit these places, but it is the experience they provide to the diners. Thanks to a synthesis of interior design, service and flavors, they help you fully connect with the local culture and feel like one of their own. The only thing left to say: Bon appetit!

1. Maná 75

Innovative Tapas and Traditional Barcelona Flavors

Mediterranean restaurant Maná 75 has managed to steal the heart of everyone, local or not. Not for nothing is it the first on this list! The interior design, the abundant light, the terrace-garden, the bar with 19 paella cookers in full view of the diners and the atmosphere that is cherished by the frequent guests, invite you to live the complete your Spanish experience, no matter if you come in a big group, with the whole family or as a couple.

You will be able to taste the most typical flavors of Mediterranean cuisine with a touch of innovation and originality. Authentic Paellas, famous fried calamari, a big variety of homemade desserts and a wine list designed to fit any occasion. Its popularity is booming, so we recommend you book a table in advance as the restaurant is extremely popular.

2. Secrets del Mediterrani

Innovative tapas and traditional Barcelona flavors

With the philosophy “We are what we eat”, the Secrets del Mediterrani restaurant invites you to be the best version of yourself with the innovative tapas that remain faithful to the traditional Barcelona flavors.

In the heart of Barcelona and a few minutes walk from the Ciudadela park, Spanish restaurant in Barcelona “Secrets del Mediterrani” invites you to have a date with Mediterranean and Catalan cuisine in one of the cozy corners of their lovely interior or terrace. You can delight yourself with all kinds of recipes, from seafood and fish tapas or the typical patatas bravas to the iconic grilled octopus and the delicious beef tataki.

3. Restaurante Antigua

Authentic Spanish Restaurant in Barcelona's Old Town

You would probably pass by the corner of María Cubí Street without noticing the gastronomic spectacle hidden inside the Antigua restaurant. With decorations inspired by the 19th century, your evening in this authentic Spanish restaurant will feel like it was taken from a Jane Austen book but with the best addition you could think of : Mediterranean dishes with the premise of creativity and passion.

It stands out for having a romantic setting that is completed with the elegance of each plate and the service itself. You will be able to savor the authenticity of classic Mediterranean food such as smoked salmon, risotto, foie gras, botarga and finish off the dinner with the star dessert: the flan. You can also take a look at the most romantic restaurants in Barcelona over here.

× Entrante
× Arroz
× Postre
× Café

Perfecto para probar la especialidad de la casa :


4. Cadaqués Barcelona

Mediterranean restaurant in Barcelona for any special occasion

The Cadaqués is one of the Mediterranean restaurants with the brightest personality in Barcelona, once you cross its doors, we assure you, you will never forget it. Its mythical decoration envelops you in a very intimate environment with a peculiar touch of closeness and a sea aroma that entices you to devour your dish until the last crumb.

Their menu is elaborated with all local products and with the utmost respect for each ingredient. They pay homage to life between the sea and the mountains with their famous red prawns, grilled artichokes and cuttlefish, monkfish and clams rice. Cadaqués is undoubtedly an ideal Mediterranean restaurant in Barcelona for any special occasion.

5. Tram-Tram

Chef's cuisine and Mediterranean flavors

Moving away from the sea and approaching the upper area of the most beloved city in the Mediterranean we can find the Tram-Tram. It is a restaurant led by chef Isidre Soler, an apprentice to the renowned chefs such as Ferran Adrià, Santi Santamaria and Fermí Puig. In addition to being able to order à la carte, you can try their complete tasting menu or choose from their weekly updated proposal of innovative dishes.

In Tram-Tram the traditional Mediterranean flavor is modernized and is presented in the form of a high-end gastronomic experience that is worth trying. Dishes such as “Navajas gallegas” (Galician razorfish) , “Tartar de vieiras” (scallop tartar) , “Solomillo de ciervo” (deer tenderloin) and the delicious dessert “Tarta Tatin” are a huge success and highly recommended..

6. MEditerranean Restaurant La Balsa

Hidden garden with Catalan Cuisine

In a hidden garden that looks like it’s from a fairy tale, near the mountains of Barcelona, you will find La Balsa restaurant, known among the locals as one of the main references of Catalan cuisine and the Mediterranean tradition. The attention of the stuff and good service are not overlooked by diners who frequent the place with their friends and families.

The atmosphere of this place feels relaxed and you will see that your taste buds would be the only ones active. Make them delight with the special red tuna tartare, the old cow tenderloin or the famous roasted octopus.

7. La Tere Gastrobar

Classic flavor fused with modern gastronomy trends

Although the name sounds like the most traditional Spanish bar, La Tere Gastrobar is a Mediterranean restaurant that is governed by the classic flavor fused with current gastronomy trends. This collision of eras can be seen as soon as you enter the premises: decorated with dim lights, classic wood details blend with minimalist colors and create a tranquil and private setting.

At La Tere you will find delicious Mediterranean classics such as these star dishes: grilled octopus skewer, rack of pork ribs and the special hamburger a la Tere.


× Entrante

× Arroz

× Postre

× Café


Perfecto para probar la especialidad de la casa :


8. Xiringuito Escriba

Mediterranean restaurant at the Barcelona's beach

Enjoying the Mediterranean food with its flavors at the foot of the Mediterranean Sea is living the complete experience by the book, and even more so when it is done from inside or from the terrace of the Xiringuito Escriba. With a seaborn atmosphere, a spacious lounge and a terrace that welcomes you at any time of the year, this Mediterranean restaurant encompasses the most traditional flavors of Spanish cuisine.

More than seven paellas cooking at any given time completely in the open for everyone to watch, the rice dishes, squids, “bravas” potatoes and the selection of homemade desserts echo Catalan culture and the exquisite Barcelona recipe book.

9. Ca la Nuri

Spanish restaurant for any type of gathering

Ca la Nuri is that type of restaurant where any type of gathering is in the right place, from the most formal events to the little gossiping meetings. It is especially popular during the summer months since it is located right on the La Barceloneta beach, but it does not stop receiving diners during the rest of the year thanks to its famous “sea and mountain” menu.

Undoubtedly, the view of the sea is everything, but the flavor of Ca la Nuri’s characteristic dishes perfectly complement the enjoyment of the moment. You cannot miss the baked fish, the calamari stuffed with sausage and the special beef tenderloin in its juice.

10. Can Fisher

Spanish restaurant by the Mediterranean sea

Another Spanish restaurant by the Mediterranean sea that bets on the classic Spanish palette, the one that never fails. Its glass walls offer spectacular lighting for lunchtime and afternoon meetings, as well as direct views to the sea that could be appreciated, no matter the occasion. And at night there is always a very lively and youthful atmosphere.

If you visit Can Fisher you should know that the star dish of its Mediterranean cuisine are paellas, and diners especially love the recipes with lobster, fish, turbot, “tortilla” (potato omelet) and the bartender’s specialty, sangria. If you want to know more about restaurants close to the beach, you can read our article: Discover the top restaurants in the port of Barcelona.

11. L'Arrosseria Xàtiva

Valencian paellas in the heart of Barcelona

Is it possible to enjoy a Valencian paella in the heart of Barcelona? Well yes, and if that’s what you’re looking for, the restaurant L’Arrosseria Xàtiva (which literally means restaurant specialized in rice in Catalan) is the perfect place for you. Set for family gatherings or meeting with friends, this place offers a first-class Mediterranean experience.

But that’s not all, it is a local chain that has locations all over Barcelona, so if you find yourself in Les Corts, Gracia or San Antoni you could easily visit it. It’s always close to you! In addition to the extensive rice selection, you can enjoy a varied wine list and a degustation of flavorful desserts.

From the Mediterranean coast to your plate and from your plate to your mouth

No cabe duda que todos estos restaurantes tienen cada uno su toque único y especial. Sin embargo, la experiencia mediterránea que ofrece Maná 75 merece un espacio en tu paso por Barcelona. Deleitate al máximo con la explosión de sabores que te ofrece el país con una de las mejores gastronomías del mundo. 




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