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Ensaladilla rusa – typical truffled Spanish potato salad 5,75
Mana 75o spicy roasted potatos 5,50
Cantabric anchovies “00” with tomato bread 12,00
Iberian ham croquette (unit) 1,90
Steam cooked mussels 11,50
Andalusian style squids with kimchi mayonnaise 12,50
Donostiarran style clams 14,00
Cod fritters 11,50
Iberian bellota ham 19,00
Catalan style tomato bread 3,00
Rustic bread 2,50
Seafood paella “señoret” 22,50
Black rice, squid and mussels paella with smooth garlic mayonnaise (all i oli) 19,50
Lobster paella (or soft-rice) 27,00
Seafood noodle fideà Barceloneta style 19,50
Chicken and shrimp paella with green asparagus 19,50
Meat paella with black catalan sausage and pork ribs 19,00
Rabbit and snails paella 19,00
In-season vegetable paella 16,00
The prices of the paellas are per person /mínimum two people.
All of our rices are elaborated with the rice bomba from Delta de l ́Ebre
Green and Fresh Maná
Fresh green veggiee salad Maná75º 9,90
Season tomato salad with tuna belly 12,00
César salad with crusty chicken 11,00
Oriental salmon tartar with guacamole 15,00
Low teperature cooked egg over potato pureé and black catalan sausage 10,00
Tuna tataki with ponzu and Katsuobushi 16,00
Wagyu meat carpaccio with pistacho nut pesto 17,00
Roasted octopus with potato foam with a dash of Vera paprika 20,50
Hake in green sauce with clams 16,00
Stuffed squids with its own ink sauce 17,00
Grilled turbot with piquillo peppers 18,00
Baked monkfish tail with baked potatos and onions 19,00
Veal tenderloin with textured onion/with Foie gras 22,00 / 25,00
Milanese baby goat with homemade potatoes 17,00
Beef T-bone steak with homemade potatoes (2 pax) 65,00
Please ask our staff for the allergen menú.