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Ready for the most magical nights of the year? The festive season has arrived, and at Maná 75, we have everything prepared for you to live a magical experience. Celebrate an unforgettable New Year’s Eve with dinner and a party. Enjoy our classic Christmas menu available for a limited time. Or surprise a special person with a culinary experience through our gift cards.


MANÁ 75 is not just another paella restaurant in Barcelona, it is an experience in itself. Discover our open and bright space, immerse yourself in the Mediterranean atmosphere and our stylish interior, warm and welcoming, cheerful and informal. A genuine design that combines the Feng Shui philosophy and the character of this authentic restaurant in La Barceloneta. Large round tables that invite you to meet and share. An open kitchen where the best paellas in Barcelona are prepared to the highest standards. Huge windows that flood the space with natural light. Our tranquil garden and terrace. Everything here will make you embrace and live the Mediterranean lifestyle.


In the MANÁ 75 menu, our paellas play a key role, they are a classic dish which you cannot miss. From the authentic arroz del “señorito” to the arroz caldoso (literally “brothy rice”) and from paella with chicken and shrimp with green asparagus to the seafood fideuada (with noodles instead of rice), all these dishes are cooked in full view on a spectacular 19 paella pan bar. Yet, MANÁ 75 is not only about paella. The menu also features the specialties from the Catalan cuisine ideal for dinners or light meals and the traditional recipes from the Mediterranean which have been created to bring people together.


In this turbulent time we all need a place to escape and breathe. The terrace of Maná 75 is all about breath of the sea breeze in the shade of the spacious green garden, sounds of life music, nice crowd and always only positive vibes. We have everything what the best the restaurant with outdoor seating in Barcelona can offer: themed nights, DJ sessions, live music, open air cinema.Weekly events for those who is looking for the best spot to meet, share, eat, drink and enjoy life. Looking forward to see you at the cozy terrace of Maná 75.


MANÁ 75, our name says it all – Manna is a gift from heaven. 75 degrees Celsius is the ideal temperature to simmer an artisan fumet which is the base of the finest paella, squid rice or any other rice specialty dish. This is the recipe for success. But it is not just eating a paella at La Barceloneta beach that brings you to MANÁ 75.  It will also be its Mediterranean cuisine, its beautiful terrace, its round tables, and, above all, its cozy atmosphere.


MANÁ 75 is an excellent space for events in Barcelona. Perfect spot to celebrate birthdays, weddings, friends and family gatherings. It is an ideal restaurant for groups. What exactly makes it one of the best restaurants for special occasions? First of all, it is the space, which few Barcelona restaurants can rival. It can comfortably accommodate 160 people for banquets and up to 300 for cocktail parties. Another reason is its prime location near Barceloneta beach. And, finally, the diverse menu of paellas and Mediterranean specialties.


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Paella is a world-famous Spanish rice dish pronounced PAH-AY-YAH and never PIE-ELLA, comes in many variations and is fortunately represented in all its diversity in almost every paella restaurant in Barcelona. But is it possible to find the best paella in Barcelona? While this traditional meal originated in the Spanish region of Valencia, you can certainly enjoy an authentic and high-quality paella during your visit to the Catalan capital.

Maná 75 is proud to be called one of the best Paella restaurant in Barcelona. Maná 75 is an atmospheric Mediterranean restaurant located just one minute away from La Barceloneta beach. Inspired by the memories of the best foodie experiences, we opened a Spanish cuisine restaurant, filled with harmony, warm light and a sense of comfort!

Cozy interior, big round tables, restaurant with outdoor seating on comfy sofas at our spacious terrace surrounded by trees, the smell of the Mediterranean sea and the Queen of the table – Paella!

We cook paellas  in front of guests in the open kitchen, using only the freshest ingredients from Catalonia. Menu of the restaurant consists of the best paellas in Barcelona, grilled seafoodfish, salads and finger-licking desserts. Everything you dream while looking for the best paella restaurant in Barcelona.


Paella is one of the best-known dishes in Spanish cuisine. Spaniards value and love their traditions and know how to enjoy life. They like to enjoy the best paella at La Barcelona beach and share a good bottle of wine with their friends away from the hustle of everyday life. That’s why Maná 75 is so popular among locals

We do our best to serve the best Paella in Barceloneta in the comfort of our spacious terrace by Barceloneta beach, what we see as the best way to distract from daily routine and create moments to remember.

Here  paellas will make you hungry!

  • Seafood paella “señoret”
  • Lobster paella
  • Seafood noodle fideuà Barceloneta style
  • Chicken and shrimp paella with green asparagus
  • Meat paella with black catalan sausage and pork ribs
  • In-season vegetable paella

And the favorite of all guests 

  •  Black rice, squid and mussels paella with smooth garlic mayonnaise by our chef.

And also the all variety of Wholesome Mediterranean food at its best. Grilled fish, big portions, healthy salad bowls, all sorts of seafood like clams, octopus, anchovies, razorfish, and squids! All accompanied by typical Catalan bread with tomato and a glass of best Spanish cold white wine. Yuuuum!!

In Maná 75 you will certainly discover Spain from another gastronomical side. Feel like locals, take timeout on our spacious terrace in the middle of Summer heat! Discover Spanish cuisine in all its diversity. Relax and enjoy your time in Barcelona!


Our restaurant is famous not only for the best paellas in Barcelona but also for its spacious terrace with comfortable outdoor seating in the shade of the green garden. Just one minute walk away from Barceloneta beach. The terrace of Maná 75 never stops vibing. During the day we share authentic and homemade paellas. In the evening we meet to enjoy live DJ sessions.

On Fridays and Saturdays,electronic life music DJs warm the air under the moonlight at the terrace of Maná 75. These nights are of infinite rhythms, happy public, cava, gin and tonics, signature cocktails,best paella in Barceloneta and warm vibrations. 

Taking advantage of the romanticism of the restaurant with outdoor seating in Barceloneta we enjoy the projections of our favorite movies in the garden. After a tasty dinner, Maná 75 invites all guests to share the exciting experience of outdoor summer cinema. Dinner starts at 20:00 and the screening starts at 22:00. You will be surprised by the movie!

Our terrace is a perfect spot to enjoy summer nights, nowhere else you’ll find such comfortable outdoor seating in Barcelona as we have here. This is an absolute must-visit place during Summer 2020. Make sure to plan your visit and make a reservation in advance. Terraces in Barcelona are currently in high demand!

The restaurant is situated near W hotel and 1 minute away from the Sant Sebastià beach.


 Still looking for where to eat paella in Barcelona?

Paella restaurant in Barcelona Maná 75   is located in one of the most spectacular areas  of Barcelona – In between Barceloneta beach and Marina Port Vell. It is a short walk from Barceloneta Metro Station, via Passeig de Joan de Borbóalong Marina Port Vell and Barcelona Cable Caruntil the main door of the restaurant near  W hotel.

If you are walking in El Born,Gothic Quarter, El Raval or Eixample area of Barcelona and craving for paella and typical Paella restaurant popular among locals, just take a bus H15 or V19 and go until the last bus stop right in front of the restaurant.

We are looking forward to showing you the best Spanish hospitality in the cozy space of Mana 75 – best paella restaurant in Barcelona.

Each year, millions of people from all around the globe travel to the enchanting, seaside city of Barcelona, Spain, and that’s certainly no surprise. Barcelona is the capital of the autonomous community of Catalonia, and it’s renowned for its art and culture, stunning architecture, amazing selection of world-class dining opportunities, exceptional nightlife options and numerous water activities of Mediterranean Sea. 


Barcelona has 10 districts:

But the most vivid and popular among tourists and locals is  Barceloneta. This area is about its connection with the sea. It’s here that you’ll find noisy seafood restaurants, luxurious marinas, shopping mall with the aquarium and old fishermen’s houses. Barceloneta beach line ends with a beautiful hotel building of W Barcelona Hotel, popularly known as the Hotel Vela (Sail Hotel) due to its shape.

Just around the corner from the hotel there is a Port Cable Car, that delivers city guests to the top of Montjuic mountain and changes the vibes 180 degrees. What makes Barcelona one over kind place in the World.

Barcelona is served internationally by Barcelona Airport – El Prat (BCN). Barcelona Place ID ChIJ5TCOcRaYpBIRCmZHTz37sEQ, Barcelona, Spain 41.3851° N, 2.1734° E

Maná 75 es un Paella restaurante en Barcelona que sirve el mejores arroz en Barcelona.
Entre otros restaurantes en la playa Barceloneta, es famoso por su interior, mariscos y paella. También conocido como restaurante con terraza agradable.

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