Contrary to popular belief, operating a restaurant in La Barceloneta is really difficult. We don't want to be simply another paella-serving establishment. We want to stand out from the crowd via our philosophy and know-how. We want to provide you with a place to socialize, taste traditional cuisines with people you care about, laugh, toast, and celebrate every moment, every day of the week. Of course, we want you to eat healthily since it is one of life's biggest and nicest joys. And they take away the MANAo!
Our restaurant is perfect for all types of celebrations with an approximate 800 m2 surface area, a capacity for 215 people, 58 tables in total (square and round, large and small), and a lovely terrace with sofas. In our room, you can have group or business events, and cocktail parties. It has two bars, a stage, a microphone, and audiovisual equipment for talks and presentations. But for more private and unique meals, we also offer smaller tables for an intimate night. Maná 75 is millimeter-perfectly crafted to provide you a wonderful experience. Positive energy flows through every part of our room thanks to a thorough feng shui analysis of our restaurant, promoting harmony and wellbeing in every area.
There are numerous restaurants in La Barceloneta... but nobody has a patio like ours! In the midst of the hustle and bustle of the area, we have built a little but lovely green oasis, complete with swaying plants, red umbrellas for shade, soothing music, and wooden benches for resting. The sky is mirrored in the glass structure, bathing our garden patio in the blue of optimism. A great place to spend the sunniest Sundays or lengthy after-meals.
We are a paella restaurant in Barcelona's nicest district, Nova Bocana. Many locals who frequent our restaurant make it a point to take leisurely strolls along the lake on their way to and from the eatery, as well as after lunch. Barceloneta Beach is ideal for both ideas. And remember: we're right adjacent to the legendary Vela hotel, which, like a lighthouse, will always lead you till you reach us.
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Are you searching for a paella restaurant in Barcelona that matches your standards? We are a restaurant whose major goal is to provide the finest food possible. Our proposition is straightforward and fits our customers’ expectations, which is why more than 70% of local consumers come back again and again.

Maná 75  is an authentic Mediterranean restaurant specializing in paellas, a location where the space, professionals, product, and service all point in the same direction. These are some of the figures that reflect our restaurant’s professionalism, success, and know-how:

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Each mouthful of a Mediterranean cuisine must have its own unique taste and be of high quality. At Maná 75, we specialize in Mediterranean food, and our signature dish is rice. Catalan cuisine is created with a personal touch and features a variety of possibilities. Specifically, we provide ten varieties of rice meals, all of which include a range of menus consisting of rice dishes paired with fish, meat, and veggies. Our broth, which is always handmade and based on a family recipe, is created by our chefs by simmering it for at least eight hours. We always cook with high-quality, local, and fresh ingredients.
The open and spotless environment of our kitchen is where we do our finest work. Every dish is prepared with care and love in front of the restaurant's patrons. With 19 cooking stations, our paella line is the longest one in all of Europe.
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To ensure our customers get the finest service possible, we only hire the most qualified professionals. In our opinion, choosing reliable vendors is crucial to running a successful restaurant. That’s why we’re so picky about who we work with: they have to meet our standards for product quality, reliability, standing in the industry, and certifications, as well as our delivery and availability needs. When we need anything, our vendors always provide the greatest options.


When it comes to desserts, we rely on suppliers like “Canela Fina,” whose pastry chefs are responsible for the success of our mango custard, and “Marta’s Lemon Pie,” whose famous lemon pie is made by hand and only uses natural ingredients. All of the fruits and vegetables we use in our dishes come from “Fruits Sagarra,” a family-run business that fits in well with our philosophy and brings us the best of what it has every day.


Are you looking for a restaurant by La Barceloneta beach to eat paella with your company? Organize your company event with us! Sharing rice straight from a paella pan is the best way to unite colleagues and make real pineapple. The food and the service will make things very easy for you, but a good round table will do everything else for you. We offer several types of rice for all tastes: seafood, meat, vegetarian, etc. We also have customized menus for all kinds of events and occasions. Fill in the form and we will create your perfect event.


Close your business deals in Maná 75. In a restaurant in the picturesque La Barceloneta, surprise clients with a memorable experience of paellas and tapas. Consider being able to strike business deals while sitting at a wide round table with a paella in front of you. Your visitors will be surprised! Psst! A secret: we have a magic table where all the positive energy of the place accumulates and the best business deals are achieved. Ask us and we reserve it for you


Cierra tus negocios en Maná. Sorprende a los clientes con una experiencia inolvidable entre paellas y tapas en un restaurante en la preciosa Barceloneta. Imagina poder llegar a acuerdos empresariales con una paella delante en una amplia mesa redonda. ¡Sorprenderás a tus invitados! ¡Pst! Un secreto: tenemos una mesa mágica donde se acumula toda la energía positiva del local y se consiguen los mejores acuerdos de negocios. ¡Pregúntanos y te la reservamos!


Join the fantastic Maná 75  team and help us make people happy. You will be working in an open environment with a cohesive and dedicated team. We are certain that whatever we set out to do can be accomplished in a happy and professional work atmosphere. We help you grow as a hospitality professional by giving you ongoing training and a plan for professional development.


Do you want to share your knowledge of Catalan Mediterranean gastronomy? Are you a blogger who wants to work with us? Do you want to write about the world of restaurants or leisure in Barcelona? We invite you to do so on our website. The Maná 75 website has a local audience of more than 55,000 visitors each month.


To find the best restaurant in La Barceloneta, you won’t have to look too far. Our menu is made up of the best and most varied local dishes. Our products are fresh and of good quality, and our store is bright and well-kept. Give in to Maná 75 and enjoy, with good company, the best rice dishes and Mediterranean dishes you can find in a restaurant in La Barceloneta.

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