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Ensaladilla rusa – typical truffled Spanish potato salad5,75
Mana 75o spicy roasted potatos5,50
Fried fish5,50
Cantabric anchovies “00” with tomato bread12,00
Iberian ham croquette (unit)1,90
Steam cooked mussels11,50
Grilled razorfish14,00
Andalusian style squids with kimchi mayonnaise12,50
Donostiarran style clams14,00
Cod fritters11,50
Iberian bellota ham19,00
Catalan style tomato bread3,00
Rustic bread2,20

Green and Fresh

Fresh green veggiee salad Maná75º9,90
Season tomato salad with tuna belly12,00
César salad with crusty chicken11,00
Oriental salmon tartar with guacamole15,00
Tuna tataki with ponzu and Katsuobushi16,00
Roasted octopus with potato foam with a dash of Vera paprika20,50


Seafood paella “señoret”22,50
Black rice, squid and mussels paella with smooth garlic mayonnaise (all i oli)19,50
Lobster paella (or soft-rice)27,00
Seafood noodle fideà Barceloneta style19,50
Chicken and shrimp paella with green asparagus19,50
Meat paella with black catalan sausage and pork ribs19,00
In-season vegetable paella16,00
The prices of the paellas are per person /mínimum two people.
All of our rices are elaborated with the rice bomba from Delta de l ́Ebre


Hake in green sauce with clams16,00
Grilled turbot with piquillo peppers18,00
Baked monkfish tail with baked potatos and onions19,00



Veal tenderloin with textured onion/with Foie gras22,50
Beef T-bone steak with homemade potatoes (2 pax)65,00
Please ask our staff for the allergen menú.

Escribà history

The “Pastisseria Escribà” is a historical pastry shop in the city of Barcelona. Founded on July 25th, 1906, when Mateu Serra i Capell (1876-1945) opened the “Forn Serra”.

Today directed by Christian Escribà, the 4th generation of the Escribà family, whose motto is: Illusion, surprise and create unique and unrepeatable moments
Antoni Escribà i Serra, 1930-2004, was the 3rd generation of the Escribà family and was put in front of the Pastisseria Escribà (old “Forn Serra”) of the Gran via 546 in Barcelona. Considered with the nickname of “Mozart” or “Chocolate Magician” for his chocolate sculptures, he won 24 gold medals in various confectionery competitions between 1956 and 1977.


Cream Mousse with vanilla, raspberry jelly core and crispy hazelnut on a cocoa cake. Decoration of black chocolate and golden Petazeta.

Chocolate cake, cocoa cake with apricot jam and chocolate glaze 70%. Personalized chocolate decoration simulating the esparto grass of the Mana 75 º ceiling and the apricot gelatin pipette.

White chocolate cake, light cream of white chocolate and vanilla with heart of passion fruit I crispy hazelnut. Red glaze.

Tartaleta de Frutos rojos:
Franchipán Base, pastry cream and red berries. Personalized white Chocolate Mandala decoration for Mana 75 º

Tarta de Queso:
Maria Cookie Base, cream of fresh cheese and apricot marmalade. Decoration white chocolate plate with holes and mouse.

Red Velvet:
Red Cocoa cake with cream of fresh cheese and mascarpone. Chocolate’s Chef Hat Decoration.

Pistachio cake, banana mousse, crispy pistachio and almonds, toffee and rum mousse, finished with burnt bud. Decoration Green Chocolate Balls

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