Meet Authentic Paella Restaurant in La Barceloneta: Maná 75

Are you looking for a paella restaurant in La Barceloneta? Maná 75 is not just any restaurant in the city where you can eat paella, it is THE PAELLA RESTAURANT IN BARCELONA.

A spacious place, a dining room with lots of natural light, large round tables and an open kitchen, where all the guests can see the paellas being prepared.

Our terrace, spacious, quiet and welcoming, is a little oasis away from the city chaos and noise.

The Maná 75 project revolves around the idea of trying to preserve Mediterranean traditions and promote those great moments of sharing complete gastronomic experience, surrounded by friends, family and colleagues.

Masters of Paella in La Barceloneta

What makes Paellas Authentic? Fresh ingredients, taste, technique? Here is how we see it in Maná 75.

Local produce

In Maná 75 we are committed to Mediterranean traditions and use local produce for every dish. Vegetables, seafood, fish… All Fresh and locally-sourced! We care a lot about doing things right and always offering our clients the best.

The cooking times

Our paellas in Barcelona are made with the utmost care and we know very well what we do! We offer optimal doneness and a thin layer of “socarrat” to our paellas, which turns every spoon of rice into a crunchy and tasty sensation. That’s why our paellas take 30-35 minutes to cook from the time your order has been placed.

The saute and the broth

The intense flavor of our paellas is no accident. We make the sautes with the best produce from the sea and the mountains. Also, we cook our own homemade broth! The Maná 75 “fumet” (broth in Spanish) is prepared at exactly 75 degrees in the open kitchen in front of the guests.

El arroz

It is clearly the greatest protagonist of all paellas! At Maná 75 we use medium grain rice, specifically bomba rice from Ebro Delta, which we cook with great love and our homemade fumet for the exact time it needs. We always take into account the temperature of the fire and put it up in the end so that a nice socarrat layer appears.

If there is something that characterizes us, it is our passion, affection and “know-hows”. We achieve the fame of one of the best paella restaurants in La Barceloneta by trying to improve everyday and always listening to our guests. You are our engine and inspiration! Do you want to know more about the elaboration of our paellas? We invite you to witness firsthand how our expert paelleros prepare each dish. Come and live the Maná 75 experience and discover a special way of reuniting with your loved ones just as if you were at home. But better. The smells, the high quality of our paella, the inpolute procedures, the beautiful setting, the care and affection that our staff wants to show to each one of the guests… All of this makes Maná 75 a paella restaurant in La Barceloneta that completely differs from its competition.

Discover traditional paellas in the restaurant Maná 75

The lobster paella

Straight from the sea to your plate! The lobster is the undeniable protagonist of one of the most exquisite and delicious paellas on the Maná 75 menu. The lobster paella does not disappoint the greatest lovers of seafood. Besides, we offer it two different ways: plat paella or brothy rice. Which one would you order?

The meat paella

If you prefer meat to seafood, this paella is for you. When ordering the meat paella from our restaurant, you are asking for a local product: mountain rice with black sausage and pork rib confit is one of the paellas that our customers like the most. By sharing this rice dish with your loved ones you would also share all the essence of the Mediterranean culinary tradition. You got to try it!

The chicken and shrimp paella

If you have a hard time choosing between the mountain and the sea… This paella with chicken and shrimp has it all and it is incredible. Like all our rice dishes, it will arrive at your table directly in the paella: a thin layer of bomba rice from the Ebro Delta, half a centimeter thick, super juicy, rice perfectly cooked, fresh ingredients and its soft and crunchy layer of socarrat that you will have to scratch with the spoon to savor it as it deserves. Choosing this rice you will succeed!

Vegetarian paella

We constantly look for improved recipes that would better adapt to you and your tastes, always with seasonal products and good quality ingredients. That is why at Maná 75 we also offer our clients vegetarian & vegan paellas. This vegetarian paella is made with local, proximity and seasonal vegetables such as cauliflower, broccoli and tomato. Its broth or fumet is prepared 100% with vegetables. It is a paella that will impress you with its great flavor and will make you fall in love with its presentation. A healthy dish respectful of the animal world.

The carabinero rice

Full of color and flavor, the carabineros (big shrimp) rice awakens the senses of anyone. The diners who try it are swept off their feet! And it’s because of how aromatic, elegant, tasty and unique this paella is. An ideal dish to have with a good bottle of white wine and enjoy with a company.

The black fideuá

You are reading it correctly. We not only prepare black rice paellas in Barcelona, but also black fideuá. And if you have never tried one, we encourage you to have your first time black fideua in Mana 75. This is, without a doubt, one of the best updated traditional dishes in our Mediterranean gastronomy. Order your black fideuá with mussels, prawns, cuttlefish and squids and let yourself be surprised! And don’t forget about allioli.


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Eating a great paella in Barceloneta and ​​finding a good value for money, is not always easy in a city like ours, which is well known among tourists and locals alike for its traditional rice dish. At Maná 75 we set out to be a benchmark in Barcelona’s paella restaurants, working day to day on our specialties: paellas and other rice dishes. We don’t know if we have already achieved it or not, but something in our hearts (and in the smiles of our guests) tells us that every day we are closer to this aim. Our goal is for you to feel with each and every bite all the love and dedication that we have put into it. We want to fill the lives of our guests with beautiful, happy and special moments. Create memories in our paella restaurant in Barceloneta full of smiles, full tommies and warm nostalgia that would turn any other day into a slightly better one. It is what we like to call “the Maná experience”, the experience of sharing moments of happiness with those we love the most.

We are conscious that our guests are giving us their favorite time, so we want to match it with the best: the best tapas, the best paellas, the best service, the best ambiance and the best facilities. We care about the details, and that’s how we want to convey it. Nothing makes us happier than being accomplices of you having a great time in our restaurant! And it is that it fills us with happiness to see you sitting around the large round tables with your families and friends, laughing, eating and drinking, as if you were at home.

But if that’s not enough, our location also helps to accompany these unique moments. We are in an area where tranquility reigns, is shining, palm trees are swaying, waves are whispering…It is the San Sebastia beach promenade right next to the emblematic W hotel. The old breakwater: a privileged and easily accessible location for all those who choose Maná 75 to try the best paellas in La Barceloneta. Here, you can have a fun, enriching and complete experience. Maná 75 is designed so that you can hold events, meetings, family gatherings and group dinners. Thanks to the large capacity of the premises (160 for banquets and 300 for cocktails), its unbeatable location near the famous Barceloneta beach, its huge paella variety, its Mediterranean dishes, its cocktails, its philosophy and its atmosphere, who visits Mana 75 always repeats. We are that place where dreams come true and joy reigns, where parties and celebrations become unforgettable. Are you simply looking for a closed menu with an option of a good paella in La Barceloneta without complicating your life? In that case, we can also offer it to you! Here you will find everything you need for any occasion.

The name of our paella restaurant speaks for itself! We want our customers to see Mana 75 as a gift from heaven, a delicacy from the gods, a treasure to share and enjoy. Will you choose us as your next best paella restaurant in Barcelona? Come and check it out!

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