11 Best Restaurants where to eat a Good Paella in Barcelona 2024

Where locals eat paella in Barcelona?

No matter the time of the year, it is always a good idea to eat a good paella in Barcelona. Thankfully “Ciudad Condal” has a wide range of options, but the tricky question is – what are the best paella places in Barcelona? 

The answer is as simple as: go where locals areIn this article we share the list of most popular paella restaurants in Barcelona for Authentic paellas and real Spanish experience. Let’s go!

1. Maná 75

Legendary paella restaurant in Barcelona with a terrace by the Sea

Maná 75 restaurant is a legendary spot for eating good paella in a good company in Barcelona. Located in La Barceloneta, by the beach, just next to W Hotel Barcelona, it has an exceptional atmosphere and summer vibe all around the year.  The restaurant is specializing in Mediterranean cuisine and serves probably the best paellas in Barcelona.

The menu contains 14 types of Authentic Spanish Paellas for each taste. All paellas are cooked on an open fire in front of the guests from the freshest local products. Seafood and meat paellas, best vegetarian paella in Barcelona and the king of every table – Lobster Paella70% of guests are locals, so if you are looking for an outstanding paella experience in Barcelona, this is your place! 

  • Features: Ideal for meetings with friends and family. Suitable for children and adults. Specialists in paellas and Mediterranean cuisine. Special menu for groups.
  • Where: Passeig de Joan de Borbó, 101, Barcelona.
  • Cuisine: Mediterranean, rice dishes, paellas in an open kitchen.
  • Price: €€
  • Book: mana75.es

2. 7 Portes

An emblematic restaurant to eat paella in Barcelona

A few steps from the Barceloneta port is the 7 Portes restaurant, a classic Catalan tavern founded in 1836. Its menu highlights typical Catalan tapas and a long list of paellas.Classy, spacious, elegant, traditional and full of tables so that meeting with your loved ones is like gathering at home. An essential among best restaurants to eat a good paella in Barcelona.

  • Characteristics: Experts in traditional Catalan cuisine and paellas. Large dining space.
  • Where: Passeig d’Isabel II, 14 (Barcelona). Pla de Palau front.
  • Cuisine: Catalan food, rice dishes, paellas.
  • Price: Between 30 and 40 Euros.

3. Can Ros

Traditional menu and some unique charm

At Can Ros they offer an exceptional product and an extensive menu that ranges from the most typical tapas to finger-licking paellas. And it is because the proximity to the Lonja de Barcelona (fisherman’s daily market) is a plus for this place. In its renovated interior, spacious tables and cozy decoration stand out.

  • Characteristics: Open every day. The freshest fish and seafood. Traditional dishes and rice dishes. Ideal for groups.
  • Where: Emília Llorca Martín, 7, 08003 Barcelona.
  • Kitchen: Tapas, rice dishes and traditional Catalan food.
  • Price: Between 30 and 45 Euros.

× Starter

× Main dish

× Dessert

× Coffee


Perfect to try the specialty of the house:


4. Martínez

A “chiringuito” at the top of Montjuïc

At the top of Montjuïc hill and with dreamlike views of the entire city, the port and the Mediterranean Sea. Martínez has a gastronomic offer specialized in paellas that make this exclusive mountain “beach bar” a must for those who love unique experiences. In addition, it has a large covered outdoor space, to enjoy the sunniest days.

  • Characteristics: Covered terrace with views of the city.
  • Where: Carretera de Miramar, 38 (Barcelona). Montjuic Park.
  • Cuisine: Rice dishes and paellas. Grilled meat and fish. Mediterranean food.
  • Price: Between 30 and 45 Euros.

5. El Racó de l'Agüir

For fans of rice in Sant Antoni

If you live in the Sant Antoni neighborhood, you couldn’t be luckier. And it is because you have a restaurant that prepares paellas with an excellent value for money. Square tables, informal decoration, an extensive wine list and a very cozy homelike atmosphere are part of the experience at El Racó de l’Agüir.

  • Characteristics: Market cuisine. Valencian rice. Modern but cozy decoration.
  • Where: Carrer de Tamarit, 117 (Barcelona).
  • Cuisine: Catalan food, rice dishes and paellas.
  • Price: Between 20 and 30 Euros.

6. CruiX

A signature paella restaurant in Barcelona

CruiX offers a casual and modern space in the area of L’Eixample to eat a good paella in Barcelona. Its menu highlights the dry-aged veal and picaña, rice with mushrooms and foie or veggie rice, for those who love vegetables. Like good Valencians, they take care of every detail in the preparation of their rice dishes, created by chef Miquel Prado.

  • Features: Ideal environment for friends and business dinners. Tapas and signature rice dishes.
  • Where: Entença, 57, 08015 (Barcelona).
  • Cuisine: Rice dishes and signature dishes. Mediterranean food.
  • Price: Between 20 and 30 Euros.

7. La Lubina

And its fresh Lobster paella in L'Eixample

Do you want to eat paella with lobster in Barcelona? La Lubina will not disappoint you. It is a traditional restaurant but knows how to make its customers fall in love with its delicious dishes all over again. Its fresh ingredients and its experience in the sector are the keys to its success.

  • Characteristics: Restaurant for gatherings of friends or family. Specialists in Mediterranean cuisine. Special menu for groups. Outside terrace.
  • Where: Carrer de Viladomat, 257 (Barcelona)
  • Cuisine: Fish and seafood. Rice. Mediterranean food
  • Price: Between 30 and 45 Euros.

Enjoy the good weather on the GREEN terrace of Maná75. Sea breeze, smell of rosemary and the flavor of paellas…

Discover the paradise of La Barceloneta!

8. Pez Vela

A stylish paella restaurant on the beach

El Pez Vela offers you the essence of a beach bar but with the style of a modern classy restaurant. It has an impeccable industrial design, and a magnificent terrace, where they serve paellas at the beach. Its menu is focused on salads, rice dishes and tapas, although it also has top quality fish and meat. Pez Vela restaurant takes a well-deserved place in the list of best paella places in Barcelona!

  • Characteristics: Large dining space, menu focused on paellas and Mediterranean cuisine.
  • Where: Passeig del Mare Nostrum, 19-21 (Barcelona)
  • Cuisine: Rice dishes and paellas. Seafood food. Mediterranean style.
  • Price: Between 30 and 45 Euros.

9. El Xiringo

Place to eat a good paella accompanied by a good wine in Barcelona

El Xiringo de la Barceloneta is a mixture of tradition, innovation, enthusiasm and love for a good life. In its menu, you will find traditional dishes of all kinds and finger-liking paellas. A restaurant with a lot of tradition and good produce!

  • Characteristics: Interior cellar. Rice dishes.
  • Where: Carrer de Sant Carles, 23 (Barcelona)
  • Cuisine: Mediterranean food, paellas and seafood.
  • Price: Between 20 and 30 Euros.

10. Can Ramonet

Dishes based on seasonal produce.

It is clear that finding where to eat paella in Barcelona can be very easy, but in this list we are looking for the best. That is why it is necessary to also talk about Can Ramonet. Another emblematic paella restaurant in Barceloneta. It has several dining rooms and a quiet terrace, but the best is its menu: tapas, seafood, paellas, rice dishes and different kinds of meat. They always have a varied and seasonal offer!

  • Characteristics: Ideal restaurant for gatherings of friends and family. Rice dishes, paellas and Mediterranean cuisine. Menus for groups.
  • Where: Carrer de la Maquinista, 17 (Barcelona)
  • Cuisine: Mediterranean tapas, rice dishes, fish and seafood
  • Price: Between 30 and 45 Euros.

11. L’Arrosseria Xàtiva

And its 25 varieties of paella

L’Arrosseria Xàtiva has not one but three very well located places: in Gràcia, in Sant Antoni and the original, in Les Corts. Its decoration is inspired by the Valencian paella, so you can imagine how much they love their rice. They offer not less than 25 types of paellas! Top pick choice among the places to eat paella in Barcelona.

  • Characteristics: Specialists in Valencian rice dishes. Spacious dining rooms, with an outdoor area and an extended menu to choose from.
  • Where: Carrer de Bordeus, 35 (Barcelona)
  • Cuisine: Paellas and rice dishes. Mediterranean dishes.
  • Price: Between 30 and 45 Euros.

So! Where to eat the best authentic paella in barcelona?

Paella  is a dish that needs attention, experience and specialization. That is why at Maná 75 we have the best PAELLEROS (rice chefs) and proud to be called one of the best paella restaurants in Barcelona . You don’t believe it? 

Make your reservation with us and discover that eating good paella in Barcelona can be a luxury and still be at a good price!

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