These are the 11 Best Restaurants with Terraces in La Barceloneta

Are you searching for restaurants with terrace with a patio and a pleasant atmosphere in La Barceloneta? One of the primary draws of Barcelona is, without a doubt, its pleasant weather throughout the year; therefore, it is not unexpected that both residents and visitors like to dine on the city’s finest terraces.

We know you’re here because you have a thing for terraces, whether they’re tucked away amongst the city’s most famous landmarks, perched just over the sand, or so cleverly concealed that they may as well be in another country. Terraces with a wide variety of cuisines may be found in the La Barceloneta neighborhood.

Do you dare to explore with us the eleven top restaurants in La Barceloneta with a terrace? We are certain that you will like our choices and be able to locate the location that best matches your preferences. Let’s travel there!

restaurantes con terraza en la barceloneta

1. Maná 75

Restaurant in La Barceloneta with a breath-taking terrace

Maná 75 must be included when discussing the nicest terraces in the La Barceloneta district. As a good paella restaurant, this establishment has everything: dishes made with fresh seafood, an open kitchen where you can watch the expert paelleros prepare the rice dishes, a spacious lounge with large round tables, and an outdoor terrace that serves as an oasis of tranquility in the trendy Nova Bocana leisure district. Furthermore, around sunset, you may listen to jazz music while feeling the calm sea wind in a unique atmosphere.


× Starter

× Main dish

× Dessert

× Coffee


Perfect to try the specialty of the house:


2. Surf House Barcelona

Fast food that is healthy

To continue our list of La Barceloneta restaurants with outdoor seating, we must highlight the Surf House. This is one of the most popular restaurants among young visitors and surfers, with a cuisine and ambiance that are both contemporary and lively. This restaurant has healthy and diverse food, a young environment, and great views of the beach and promenade. Breakfasts, hamburgers, sandwiches, salads, beverages, and fresh juices are available for all palates.

3. Rangoli

Indian food in the heart of Barceloneta

Located in the Barceloneta Beach area, Rangoli Restaurant serves authentic Indian cuisine prepared using time-honored techniques. In Barcelona, you can savor traditional Indian cuisine and a patio that’s open almost all year at Rangoli Restaurant, whose brightly colored décor complements the restaurant’s original menu and meticulous attention to detail.

4.L’Òstia de La Barceloneta

Eat with friends on a peaceful deck

The L’Ostia restaurant is situated in the center of La Barceloneta. This establishment provides its patrons with a tranquil patio in front of the renowned and beautiful church of San Miguel, as well as one of the finest culinary offerings in the area: distinctive tapas made with premium ingredients. In their kitchen, they produce a range of popular dishes, including a superb Russian salad, battered bombas, Iberian tapas, fried eggs, and Roman-style squid. Who says it is difficult to find great outdoor dining  in La Barceloneta? There are presently six!!

  • Characteristics: Tapas restaurant with a tranquil patio in the center of the Barceloneta district, on the Plaza de la Iglesia de San Miguel.
  • Location: Plaça de la Barceloneta, 1-3, Barcelona
  • Reservations: 93 221 47 58

5. Makamaka Beach Burger Cafe

Excellent burgers on a lively patio

There are terrace restaurants in La Barceloneta, but we only speak about the finest, and Makamaka must be on that list. Founded in 2012 with a Hawaiian moniker (which means “close buddy”) and its signature dish, hamburgers, this is the place to go if you like burgers. Salads, hummus, potato chips, bowls, falafel, juices, and smoothies are all available, as are vegan and vegetarian options.

6. Gallito

Variety of dishes and good atmosphere

The patio of Gallito, a stylish restaurant close to Hotel W, is the perfect place to people-watch. It’s a lovely place, well-planned and maintained down to the last detail, with a stunning patio overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Then I received your mail, and I was wondering. The menu at this beachside eatery includes not just the usual suspects like rice, fish, meat, tapas, and salads but also more exotic options like Peruvian ceviche and Mexican tacos.

  • Characteristics: The restaurant has a deck overlooking the water. Mediterranean and regional tapas are the mainstays of its cuisine.
  • Location: Emília Llorca Martín, 23, Barcelona
  • Reservations: 93 312 35 85

7. Can Majó

La Barceloneta's Classic Terrace Restaurant

The rice dishes in Can Majó, including the fideuá, suquets, and rice stews with lobster and fish, are legendary. Every one of their dishes is made with love and respect for the past. The inside is cozy and the patio with waterfront view. Without a doubt, a fantastic destination for sightseers and residents alike.


Enjoy the good weather on the GREEN terrace of Maná75. Sea breeze, smell of rosemary and the flavor of paellas…

Discover the paradise of La Barceloneta!

8. Port Vela

Seaside Mediterranean cuisine

It would be remiss of us to leave out the Port Vela Restaurant when discussing La Barceloneta eateries with outdoor seating. This restaurant in La Barceloneta, Barcelona’s waterfront neighborhood, is the perfect spot to relax with a meal and take in the views of the water as you eat Mediterranean cuisine. They have a warm and inviting atmosphere, and their extensive menu of fresh fish and shellfish, meat, montaditos, salads, vermouths, and beers is sure to please anybody.

9. La Mar Salada

La Barceloneta Seafood Restaurant

This terraced restaurant in La Barceloneta has a warm and inviting ambiance, and its outside seating area is protected from the elements. If you’re a fan of rice and fish, this is a great restaurant for you. “La Barceloneta crayfish and shrimp paella” is a popular item on the famous restaurant’s menu. 

10. Velissima Barcelona

Take a trip back in time to 1950s Italy

Velissima will make you fall in love if you like the style of Italy. This restaurant is based on the late 1950s movie La Dolce Vita and serves food in the truest style of the Amalfi Coast. You will be taken back to “Casa della Nonna” and its traditional recipes when you visit this lovely place with a beautiful terrace that is ready for both summer and winter.

11. Camping Mar

Picnic terrace in La Barceloneta

This rice and fideuá restaurant is directly related to the Gallito restaurant. With their proposal, they make it as easy as possible for you to make a choice so that all you have to worry about is having a wonderful day by the sea. What are they doing to get it? Easy: They have a set menu with strong starters, rice or fideuá, a dessert, wine, and coffee. Find some shade at one of the picnic tables and start having fun as soon as your food arrives.

Ьediterranean food, paellas, tapas, indian food, and all kinds of restaurants with terraces are in La Barceloneta!

If you find yourself unable to decide on a restaurant for family gatherings, special occasions, or even simply getting together with friends, go with a tried-and-true option like: One of those restaurants in the La Barceloneta neighborhood with a terrace that never fails to wow is Maná 75. Make your reservation at this time!

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