10 Authentic Restaurants to enjoy Traditional Spanish Food in Barcelona

Across generations: Traditional restaurants in Barcelona that preserve local culinary Heritage

Are you planning your trip to Ciudad Condal? Then visiting Barcelona’s best traditional restaurants and enjoying authentic Spanish food is a must! In most of the traditional restaurants in Barcelona, you will not find just an ordinary menu, but an exhilarating journey through time and the culinary history of the city. From simple tapas to elaborate dishes, these establishments are living examples of Barcelona’s culinary heritage.

For this article, we chose 10 popular traditional restaurants in Barcelona among local families. The following restaurants have some aspects in common: they are ideal to visit with the whole family and they are the most iconic in the city. In any of them you will try high-quality local cuisine,find a variety of menus for groups, enjoy the tastefully decorated spaces, in some cases listen to live music and finally savor a bunch of characteristic local flavors. These places promise an unforgettable experience with family or friends.

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Maná 75

1. Maná 75

The best of the best for any celebrations and traditional food

From the very beginning, Maná 75  became a very in-demand place for local multi-generational families. Everyone, old and young, chooses this restaurant to celebrate all sorts of events or just reunite with family and friends. Big round tables that could accommodate groups from 3 to 14 people make it an ideal option for group gatherings and builds up a special momentum. 

Maná 75 has a unique recipe of success. Its interior is made according to the best feng shui practices and you can really feel the difference. No one is left out during the conversation around the round tables and the energy just flows. 

Maná 75   also stands out for its famous paellas, respect for traditions, great value for money, varied menus for groups and impeccable service that guarantees an unforgettable gastronomic experience. We have to say that to enjoy all this, it is necessary to book in advance as there can be totally booked for up to a couple of weeks for a weekend meal.


× Starter

× Main dish

× Dessert

× Coffee


Perfect to try the specialty of the house:


2. Can Cortada

Typical Catalan food restaurant

Can Cortada is a restaurant specialized in traditional Catalan food that transmits the essence of its roots by offering high quality products. Its most authentic setting is of a Catalan farmhouse from the 11th century located in the middle of the upper area of Barcelona. Inside its stone walls you will feel like you are dining in a castle which makes an unforgettable vacation memory for your family.

The patio is very popular on summer afternoons, especially to go with the kids or celebrate a family event such as a wedding, birthday, baby shower, etc. Can Cortada serve typical Catalan food.  The most popular dishes among the local  families are the “Calçotada” (seasonal winter grilled onions with a special sauce), the mellow beef and the spectacular “Crema catalana” (a traditional creme brulee with burnt sugar on top).

3. 7 Portes

180 years uniting generations with the traditional food

The flavor and aroma of traditional Barcelona dishes accompanied by the elegant decoration create a unique and nostalgic atmosphere so cherished by the oldest members of the local families. Welcoming you to 7 Portes is a time-honored room more than 180 years old and furnished with round and square tables that invites diners to be more united than ever.

They have an extensive menu full of Mediterranean and Catalan typical flavors that supports its title of one of the oldest venues in the city. Despite all the tradition, they do not fail to incorporate some international recipes and techniques. Enjoy the acclaimed paellas, cannelloni, shellfish, fish, meat dishes. This would be definitely the most old-fashioned and authentic experience on your trip.

4. Can Travi Nou

One of the best restaurants to eat Traditional Catalan Food

Nothing can be more reminiscent of tradition and family than the countryside, the rustic and the vegetation. This is what the Can Travi Nou restaurant transmits, with its round tables, large rooms and province decoration, it offers a space of calm, comfort and harmony for celebrations and cheery family events.


The premise of dining in a 17th century farmhouse already promises to be a success, but if apart from that you add some Catalan and Spanish typical food such as cod, fideuá, calçots and black rice, there wouldn’t exist an experience to surpass this. The most common of celebrations in this restaurant are weddings, since there is a very picturesque and romantic garden. Also, if you want a private room for your event there is that option for you.

5. La Balsa

Modern restaurant with Authentic Vibe

With a spacious dining room and an interior garden that allows you to escape the bustle of the city, La Balsa is a cozy and relaxing space to go on a special occasion. It specializes in Mediterranean cuisine, offering tasty and varied dishes for all tastes. From fresh fish to roasted meats and a range of vegetarian options, the restaurant’s menu is the perfect fit to celebrate an unforgettable birthday. Everyone will find something they enjoy.

The Balinese style and the chef’s take on typical Catalan dishes have become the main attraction for groups big and small. In addition, the service and attention of the staff are excellent and will make sure you have the most spectacular evening.

6. L'Olivé

Catalan tradition in an elegant and intimate setting

If you are planning to visit Casa Batlló, you should visit L’Olivé restaurant which is right around the corner. It is a place known among the locals for offering a unique and intimate scene to the most private family meals. Their specialty is Catalan and Mediterranean cuisine to which they pay homage with top quality products.

At L’Olivé they have four private dining rooms with capacities from 4 to 40 guests. These are prepared for any type of event and offer multimedia equipment for presentations or music performances and several menu options to choose from. If you find yourself in Olive, we would recommend you these popular dishes: the fresh shrimp omelet, the cod fritters, the black rice and the cannelloni.

7. Casa Amàlia

Explosion of traditional flavors accompanied by live music

The singularity of this restaurant is that your family will be able to enjoy a traditional food enhanced by brave, innovative and modern techniques. For special events they offer live music and a private dining room for up to ten people.

The specialty of the house is not only the fritters, the cannelloni, the spider crab croquettes and the paellas, but also the customer service. Remember, if you come there on a Tuesday night your dinner will be accompanied by live piano music. Casa Amàlia is a restaurant that takes pride in being a reference of typical Spanish food since 1950 and is totally worth visiting.

8. La Masia Can Portell

Traditional Spanish Food and Breathtaking Views

This time we move a bit away from the center of Barcelona to explore the style and abundance of flavors of La Masia Can Portell, a large restaurant prepared to welcome the largest groups and offer a truly traditional experience. Every evening guests get to admire through large windows a memorable panoramic view of the mountains of Molins del Rei.

The popularity of this place is due to the delicious and traditional calçotada and its value for money. Calçotada is a seasonal culinary tradition that involves cooking a special type of onion on a grill and dipping it in a nutty sauce called Romesco. What makes this place even more special are the products extracted from their own garden and treated with extreme delicacy. You can also taste typical food: grilled meats, snails, barbecue and a delicious “Crema catalana”.

9. Adobo/Adobar

Everyone deserves a luxury Spanish food experience

The spectacular decoration together with the exquisite flavors, create a mindblowing combination between tradition and modernism that is worth experiencing. The cushions and sofas will make your family feel at home and works of modern art make sure that the essence of a luxurious evening is not lost. They offer a variety of options with the menu, the dessert menu and the wine list that manages to satisfy even the most refined tastes.

Traditional Spanish dishes such as roasted meats, seafood casserole and stews are prepared with a new and creative take, original presentations and top quality products. The special marinade (in Spanish called adobo) is the secret behind meat and fish dishes, in which turbot and lamb shoulder loudly stand out.

10. Can Solé

Authentic Spanish Restaurant famous for Seafood

Up to four generations of the same family have passed through the great hall of authentic Spanish restaurant Can Solé thanks to its 112-year history and the popularity it has gained since its inception for feeding the fishermen of the port of Barcelona. This restaurant attracts local families and tourists alike who enjoy its gastronomic offer based on traditional seafood.

The walls of the restaurant bear witness to the number of personalities from all who have had the honor of tasting the flavor of Can Solé and who have left their mark with photographs, writings or drawings. The history is tangible in the air. Of course, most importantly, you can taste dishes such as rice, cod fritters and the famous paella with sea urchins and scallops.

The Author’s Choice. Authenticity, Traditional Spanish Food and Unbeatable location in Maná 75 Restaurant.

Barcelona is a city that offers a wide variety of traditional restaurants to enjoy with family and friends. With options ranging from typical Catalan food to broad Mediterranean cuisine, there is something for everyone. However, if you would have to choose one for your trip, the Maná 75 stands out as the best option for authentic experiences. 

Located by the beach of La Barceloneta it is easily accessible after City Walk. The restaurant offers top-notch service, a beautiful interior, a breezy terrace, delicious authentic tapas, and the most famous paellas in the whole of Barcelona.


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