Taste Of The Sea: The 17 Best Seafood Restaurants In Barcelona

Photo: Restaurante Botafumeiro Barcelona

It has always been said that the Mediterranean coast has some of the best food Spain has to offer, and even more when talking about seafood restaurants in Barcelona. Being in the coast has its advantages, and, even though in general, Barcelonian gastronomy shines from having fresh and quality sea produce, there are plenty of seafood restaurants – from modern to classic – that are famous for treating seafood with the utmost dedication and attention.

Even though seafood is a culinary treat that only a few are able to experience on special occasions, most of the following seafood restaurants in Barcelona are prepared to have a great meal without breaking the bank. Continue reading and get to know where you can find  the best seafood in Barcelona in 2024.

The 17 Seafood Restaurants Popular Among Locals

The next list of top restaurants is made for seafood lovers that appreciate quality, the real “sea” flavour and the perfect texture for your palate. From razorfish , lobster, mussels to shrimp, these seafood restaurants obtain everything from the best fish markets in Catalonia, and have high-quality fish providers that go all the way from Finisterre to Cadiz.

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1. Botafumeiro

Luxury Seafood

Botafumeiro is a luxury seafood restaurant right in the heart of Barcelona that truly is worth the price. Never losing an arm and a leg had been nicer, with generous dishes, fresh and top-quality shellfish, and 50 years of experience with sea produce. With plenty on offer that will make your taste buds tingle, it’s a mandatory stop in Barcelona – having had many celebrities visited and giving it the good reputation it deserves.

2. Lluritu

Seafood Tapas

A narrow and minimalist bar in the heart of the Gracia district, that for some tourists might even go unnoticed – but for foodies that land on the city it’s one of the best seafood restaurants in Barcelona. Fresh seafood and fish served in the authentic “tapas” style where you can try them all. Zamburines, tuna carpaccio, razorfish and mussels are the most popular. The quality of the food is exceptional – a restaurant made for informal occasions but the highest palate demands.

3. Maná 75

Best Seafood Paellas in Barcelona

In Spain we love to eat seafood in a delicious and different way. At Maná 75 you’ll experience the experience as a native Spaniard – with one of the best seafood paellas in the Mediterranean coast. You can’t miss the juicy and aromatic lobster paella, or the famous seafood paellasenyoret“, with the best pieces from local markets. They know how to preserve the “sea” flavor in their dishes, that’s why if you’re looking for a nice meal with quality seafood for a good price, Maná 75 is the best option.


× Starter

× Main dish

× Dessert

× Coffee


Perfect to try the specialty of the house:


4. Marisquería MariscCo

Seafood For Groups

MariscCo is a seafood restaurant in Barcelona made to eat in your way, literally, because you can choose the lobster, oysters or any other fish directly to your plate – with the weight you want. Now that’s what you call fresh! Soupy rice, paella and chipirones are the most popular with clients. After choosing your dish’s produce, you’ll go over to a large and elegant dining room. Without a doubt, a perfect place to taste the sea.

  • Google rating: 4.4 (1,531 reviews)
  • Price: €€€
  • District: L’esquerra de l’eixample
  • Address: C/ de Còrsega, 272

5. Marisquería a Estrela Galega

Galician Flavour In Barcelona

A hidden seafood restaurant in Barcelona, found in the Horta – Guinardó district, is almost unseen due to its facade – however, it’s a sea gastronomy treasure. Abundant quantities, fresh products and with affordable prices. From its diners, their most delicious dishes are giant calamari on the grill and “vieiras” with foie. Even though they don’t have an actual menu, the servers will sing out the dishes and prices that changed based on the season.

6. Restaurante Salamanca

Terrace With Sea Flavors

Another one of the classics in the city and very known within the locals as one of the oldest seafood restaurants in Barcelona. For 50 years it has offered to its clients fish and seafood chosen daily from Barcelona’s port’s market. Not only is it known for its character “Silvestre”, but also by the paellas, galician-style octopus and grilled salmon. Thirty waiters, tens of tables and a top quality service guarantee that your meal with views to the sea will be epic.

7. La Paradeta

Fresh Seafood Since 1994

Since 1994, La Paradeta is an icon for self-service seafood restaurants in Barcelona. You’ll be able to live the tradition: from choosing the seafood or the fish, to the preparation method to your liking before you eat. A simple-looking and cozy establishment, but with plenty of popularity due to the excellent product quality and value. Because of this in some occasions you might find a long queue at the entrance, but without a doubt, it’s worth the wait.

8. O Retorno

Galician Seafood Restaurant in Barcelona

A reference with Galician gastronomy in Barcelona – to experience Galicia with all senses at kilometers away. Their steamed mussels, octopus and grilled shrimp are finger lickin’ good. Serving the most demanding plates since 1992, this galician seafood restaurant delights with good quantity of food – the best thing though, is you will be able to ask for 1/2 or even 1/4 of a ration, although for sure you will be craving more.

  • Google rating: 4.4 (1,715 reviews)
  • Price: €€
  • District: L’esquerra de l’eixample
  • Address: C/ de Mallorca, 132

9. O’Peregrino

Galician Products In Barcelona

For more than 30 years O’Peregrino has defended the concept of offering first quality seafood platters to their clients, focusing primarily on the treatment and care at the time of preparation. However, the restaurant transformed the concept of “high quality” to reality in 2020 – to offer dishes that respect the tradition and Galician gastronomy. On the menu you will find an extensive offer: from fish, seafood and meat, and a short but sweet high-quality wine cellar.

  • Google rating: 4.5 (227 reviews)
  • Price: €€
  • District: L’Antiga Esquerra de l’Eixample
  • Address: C/ d’Aragó, 150

10. Fishhh! Plaza

Seafood Restaurant in Sarriá

Another restaurant in the heart of Barcelona where elegance, minimalism and fresh produce work hand in hand to offer a high-quality experience. A different kind of seafood restaurant, with a gastronomic offer based on offering premium quality oysters and caviar. An ideal establishment to treat yourself with your significant other or with a small group of friends. Everything is excellent, from the “changurro”, the oysters, the sea leg, the “pata de chatka” to the shrimp-filled green salad.

11. La Marea Restaurant

Quality Seafood Experience

Only one street away from the Mar Bella beach, the seafood restaurant hosts tens of visitors every day that come for the great quality balanced with reasonable prices. You’ll be able to see some of the ingredients used in their paellas or famous  fried “greenelladas” seafood, in the fish tanks. If that wasn’t enough, the have a terrace that, same as the interior, if very large and spacious, which makes it a great option to choose for large friends, family groups, or even couples.

12. Restaurant Balmes 413

Seafood Restaurant And Vermouth

One of the king seafood and fish restaurants where the older ones of the family prefer to go to taste the exquisite and great seafood offer. You’ll have dinner in a relaxed setting – decorated fine but simple, and where the white tablecloth tradition is still in use.  From the menu we could highlight the lobster paella, the black rice, the “fideuá”, live clams and the daily suggestion that changes based on the season. The classic decoration, wooden furniture and the close service will make you feel right at home.

  • Google rating: 4.5 (534 reviews)
  • Price: €€€
  • District: Sant Gervasi-La Bonanova
  • Address: C/ de Balmes, 413

13. Solraig by Tibu-ron Castelldefels

Seafood By The Sea

In this top list of the best seafood in Barcelona, we can’t miss the emblematic Solraig by Tibu-ron found in one of the most coastal towns in all of Barcelona, Castelldefels. A main saloon and a terrace with views to the sea accomplish a perfectly balanced and relaxed atmosphere, where the sea breeze is noticed in every single corner. Rice is the home specialty, most importantly defined by their “zamburiñas” and the truffed “meloso” – while also offering star dishes such as fried turbot, grilled calamari and oven-cooked sea bass.

14. Peix d’Or

Home Delivery Seafood In Barcelona

At the Peix d’Or you’ll be received by a counter full of ice with the freshly caught products of the day – which are later cooked and served on the spot. Although, if you prefer it, you can ask for home delivery. A simple and familiar place frequently visited by locals that are looking for fresh seafood in Barcelona. If you want to taste a full banquet of food, don’t miss their “mariscadas”. If that wasn’t enough, they put at the client’s disposition, the classic Mediterranean tradition of having Vermouth at a Vermouth that belongs to the same restaurant and is right next door.

15. Wok Ronda

Seafood Buffet In Barcelona

It’s not an easy task to find a seafood buffer, because of the fact of it being usually on the “higher-end” of prices. However, Wok Ronda is one of the buffets in Barcelona that include multiple choices of seafood and fish at an excellent price. It’s a great option for large groups where everyone has different tastes and budgets, from “cochinillo” to sushi, you will be able to choose from a large variety of dishes, and the best of all, eat cheap seafood.

16. Street Fish

More Seafood Than You Will Ever Need

If you are one of those who love dishes with abundance to satisfy their seafood hunger, you cannot miss “Street Food” – one of the restaurants in Barcelona where they serve shovels of seafood. Yes, you heard it right! These shovels of seafood are not just huge but also delicious. Note that in case you would want to add  prawns or shrimp you will have to pay extra. This is a place that fills up very quickly so I definitely recommend reserving in advance.

  • Google rating: 4.1 (305 reviews)
  • Price: €€
  • District: Sarria
  • Address: C/ de Nicaragua, 140, 08029 Barcelona

Take part in the maritime experience: the best seafood restaurants of Barcelona await you

Time to enjoy the traditional catalan maritime experience! Barcelona is blessed by its coastal location and an extense gastronomic offer of seafood and fish. I hope these top 10 best seafood restaurants in the city help you experience the most incredible flavors from the sea.

And if you are searching for an undoubtedly unique gastronomical experience, I strongly recommend visiting Mana 75. Although it isn’t a traditional seafood restaurant they offer the freshest produce and the best paellas in Barceloneta. Its food would delight anyone and its quality to price ratio is excellent.

Reserve your table now in Mana75 or in any other seafood restaurant mentioned in this article and enjoy an unforgettable gastronomic experience!

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