All Michelin-Star Restaurants in Barcelona and the New Contenders 2024

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In 2023, Barcelona’s impressive Michelin-star restaurants roster expanded by five new restaurants, elevating the total count to 35 stars. In this article we introduce you each of these standout establishments, profiling their esteemed chefs and spotlighting their unique features. Shared traits among these luxurious Barcelona venues are aromatic excellence, remarkable flavours, creative prowess, innovation, and uncompromising quality. 

If you pride yourself on being a gastronomic connoisseur with a taste for fine dining, and have already experienced all of these establishments, don’t worry. At the article’s conclusion, I’ll recommend five non-Michelin star Barcelona restaurants—each a strong contender for future acclaim. You simply must give them a try!

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Three Michelin Stars Restaurants in Barcelona 2023

1. ABaC

by Jordi Cruz

Few words suffice to capture the culinary brilliance of ABaC, one of Barcelona’s triple Michelin-star restaurants. Commanding the helm is none other than Spain’s most celebrated chef, a Masterchef judge, and the youngest chef in Michelin Guide history to secure a star, Jordi Cruz. This is more than dining; it’s a luxury experience that commands savouring. The accolades don’t stop at Michelin stars—ABaC also boasts three Repsol Suns.

🌟🌟🌟 | Sant Gervasi-La Bonanova | Av. del Tibidabo, 1@abachotelrestaurant | +34 933 19 66 00 | abacrestaurant.com

2. Cocina Hermanos Torres

by Javier y Sergio Torres

A standout feature in the 2023 Michelin Guide is the well-earned third star conferred upon Barcelona’s Cocina Hermanos Torres restaurant. What was once a tire workshop has now metamorphosed into a culinary atelier, where Javier and Sergio Torres redefine the confines of gastronomic artistry—if any confines exist. Expertise, understated elegance, and transparency underpin their operation, placing every detail in full view of the diner.

🌟🌟🌟 | Les Corts de Sarrià | Carrer del Taquígraf Serra, 20 | @hermanostorres | 934100020 | cocinahermanostorres.com

3. Lasarte

by Martín Berasategui y Paolo Casagrande

Any fine dining aficionado would dream of a Barcelona-based hotel restaurant like this one: a triumphant holder of three Michelin stars and piloted by Martín Berasategui . Each morsel is a tantalising caress to the palate, characterised by Berasategui himself as, “…the yearning for the countryside, the sea, and the seasons—a symbiosis of the scents and savours of my homeland blending with the local ones here.

🌟🌟🌟 | Eixample | C/ de Mallorca, 259 | @lasartebcn | 934453242 | restaurantlasarte.com

Maná 75

This is the restaurant where proposals are tendered, contracts inked, and families truly indulge. Legend suggests that the unique energy of Manà 75 cannot be paralleled by any other Barcelona establishment. 

While Manà 75 may not currently boast a Michelin star, should there be an accolade for crafting joyful moments, it would surely sweep the board. Here you can relish the finest paella in Barcelona, and dishes crafted from ingredients sourced daily from Barcelona’s fish markets. Textures, tastes, and maritime aromas converge on the palate, engendering unparalleled delight. Are you poised for the most exceptional experience of your life?


× Starter

× Main dish

× Dessert

× Coffee


Perfect to try the specialty of the house:


Restaurantes en Barcelona con dos estrellas Michelin 2023

4. Angle

by Jordi Cruz

Another venture by Jordi Cruz? Indeed, and this time the culinary deity provides a gastronomic experience that is more accessible in price compared to ABaC, while uncompromisingly maintaining quality. Chef Alberto Durá, entrusted by Jordi, enchants diners with modern dishes that unambiguously exhibit an Oriental gastronomic influence.

Update: at the November 2023 gala, Jordi Cruz received the sad news that this restaurant was losing a star. It currently has one Michelin star and the award-winning chef Jordi Cruz has 5 stars in total.

🌟 | Eixample | C/ d’Aragó, 214 | @anglerestaurante | 932167777 | anglebarcelona.com

5. Cinc Sentits

by Jordi Artal

Since the previous edition, Cinc Sentits restaurant has become part of the esteemed group in Barcelona proudly flaunting two Michelin stars—a prestige it upholds in 2023. The pair of menus delivers an unforgettable voyage for the five senses and the imagination, where each dish spins its own unique narrative. What’s awaiting you? An enticing rendition of contemporary Catalan cuisine, artfully crafted by chef  Jordi Artal.

🌟🌟 | La Nova Esquerra de l’Eixample | C/ d’Entença, 60 | | @cincsentits | 933239490 | cincsentits.com 

6. Moment

by Raül Balam

Raül Balam, the progeny of esteemed seven Michelin-starred chef Carme Ruscalleda, leans into Catalan culinary tradition to ensure every mouthful brims with creativity, freshness, and vitality. Within his two Michelin-starred Barcelona restaurants, Balam harmonises exotic ingredients with novel dishes, and a narrative-rich menu that intriguingly involves Dalí. Additionally, Moments showcases an exclusive chef’s table, accommodating up to 15 discerning diners.

🌟🌟 |  La Dreta de l’Eixample | Pg. de Gràcia, 38, 40 | | @mo_barcelona | 931518781 | mandarinoriental.com

7. Disfrutar

by Oriol Castro, Eduard Xatruch y Mateu Casañas

When this trio met at Bulli, they never imagined the culinary creations they would achieve together. The combination of flavours, the creation of unprecedented textures, and the explosion of taste in each dish make Disfrutar restaurant in Barcelona a deserving recipient of two Michelin stars. As if that weren’t enough, in 2022 it was ranked as the third best restaurant in the world by “The World’s 50 Best Restaurants” contest.

🌟🌟 |  L’Antiga Esquerra de l’Eixample | C. de Villarroel, 163 | @disfrutarbcn | 933486896 | disfrutarbarcelona.com

8. Enoteca

by Paco Pérez

Could it be said that La Barceloneta has the best Michelin-starred restaurants in Barcelona? If that were true, the list would undoubtedly be led by Enoteca, Paco Pérez‘s two Michelin-starred restaurants. Paco Pérez, a five Michelin-starred chef, combines seasonal produce from the Costa Brava with his techniques and the perfect blend of sea and mountain flavours, making everyone eager to boast about their Enoteca experience. Pairing with wines is essential.

🌟🌟 |  La Barceloneta | Carrer de la Marina, 19, 21 | | @enotecapacoperez  | 932211000 | enotecapacoperez.com 

Maná 75

This is the restaurant where proposals are tendered, contracts inked, and families truly indulge. Legend suggests that the unique energy of Manà 75 cannot be paralleled by any other Barcelona establishment. 

While Manà 75 may not currently boast a Michelin star, should there be an accolade for crafting joyful moments, it would surely sweep the board. Here you can relish the finest paella in Barcelona, and dishes crafted from ingredients sourced daily from Barcelona’s fish markets. Textures, tastes, and maritime aromas converge on the palate, engendering unparalleled delight. Are you poised for the most exceptional experience of your life?


× Starter

× Main dish

× Dessert

× Coffee


Perfect to try the specialty of the house:


Restaurantes en Barcelona con una estrella Michelin 2023

9. Atempo

by Jordi Cruz

This marks the third Michelin-starred establishment in Barcelona from culinary titan Jordi Cruz, this instance earning a single star. Visitors here don’t merely come to dine; they arrive to relish in art, as the utmost delight is derived when chefs complete their dishes before the observers—it’s truly a sight to behold. Iñaki Aldrey, as Jordi Cruz’s trusted confidant, commands the kitchen operations.

🌟 | L’Antiga Esquerra de l’Eixample | C/ de Còrsega, 200 | @atempo_restaurant | 937341919 | atemporestaurant.com

10. Aürt

by Artur Martínez

Aürt is the establishment where chef Artur Martínez rekindles his luminary status following the closure of his Michelin-starred Barcelona restaurant in 2017. Offering Mediterranean fare with Japanese inflections that accentuate the flavours of key ingredients, the intimate setting caters to just 20 patrons, fostering greater interaction with the culinary processes and chefs.

🌟 | Diagonal Mar | Pg. del Taulat, 262, 264 | @aurtrestaurant | 935070860 | aurtrestaurant.com

11. Oria

by Martín Berasategu

Martin Berasategui selected the “Monument” hotel on Paseo de Gracia as the stage to enchant the most discerning palates with an innovative and tasteful cuisine. Oria contributes another Michelin star to Berasategui’s formidable collection, consolidating him as the most laureated chef in the Michelin guide with a total of 12 stars. Xabi Goikoetxea, his trusted deputy and head chef, deftly crafts each offering on the exceptional menu.

🌟 | La Dreta de l’Eixample | Pg. de Gràcia, 75 | @monument_hotel | 935482033 | monumenthotel.com 

12. Hisop

by Oriol Ivern

At Hisop, the quintessential essence of Catalan cuisine is draped in contemporary innovation. This restaurant, helmed by Oriol Ivern since 2001, has steadfastly held onto its Michelin star since 2010. Oriol’s culinary masterpieces are presented in a cozy, intimate atmosphere that resonates more with warmth than ostentation. On the tasting menu, anticipate remarkable flavour fusions that will amaze you from the very first dish.

🌟 | Sant Gervasi – Galvany| Passatge de Marimon, 9 | @hisoprestaurant | 932413233 | hisop.com

13. Dos Palillos

by Albert Raurich

There’s no sommelier to pour your wine, and white tablecloths won’t grace your table. Dos Palillos’ well-earned Michelin star in Barcelona comes down to one factor: the food. The freshness of the ingredients, the techniques employed, and the precise execution of each dish are mouth-melting culinary masterpieces. Albert Raurich has discovered the ideal equilibrium between Spanish tapas and Asian cuisine, thereby positioning Dos Palillos as the most significant Asian restaurant beyond Asia.

🌟 | El Raval | Carrer d’Elisabets, 9 | @dospalillos | 933040513 | dospalillos.com 

14. Alkimia

by Jordi Vilà

Alkimia’s decor instantly captivates its patrons. It’s a sleek, sophisticated venue with a maritime vibe where Jordi Vilà dazzles with his modern Catalan creations. Offering a luxurious experience at a reasonable cost, it leaves an indelible impression on both memory and palate. Serving only seasonal fare, this establishment stands as one of the finest Michelin-star restaurants in Barcelona.

🌟 | El Raval | Rda. de Sant Antoni, 41 | @alkimiarestaurant | 932076115 | alkimia.cat

15. Hofmann

by Mey Hofmann

Since 2004, Hofmann restaurant has proudly sported a Michelin star, owing to the remarkable talent of pastry chef and cook Mey Hofmann. Her untimely passing in 2016 was a significant loss for the establishment, but her powerful legacy continues to reverberate through the restaurant’s commitment to modern and avant-garde cuisine. It remains a must-visit among the Michelin-starred restaurants in Barcelona in 2023.

🌟 | Sarrià-Sant Gervasi | Carrer de la Granada del Penedès, 14-16 | @hofmannrestaurante | 932187165 | hofmann-bcn.com

16. Koy Shunka

by Hideki Matsuhisa

As per Ferran Adrià, this eatery offers the finest nigiri globally, and according to culinary enthusiasts, it ranks as the best Japanese restaurant throughout Europe. Hideki Matsuhisa masterfully works to guarantee each sushi piece arrives at the diner’s lips with ideal structure and temperature. The meticulous fish cutting, the ingredient freshness, and the techniques deserving of a Michelin star ensure an evening of delight with any of the three tasting menus.

🌟 | Barrio Gótico | Carrer d’en Copons, 7 | @koyshunka | 934127939 | koyshunka.com

17. Caelis

by Romain Fornell

Vegetarians once underserved in haute cuisine can now celebrate and luxuriate in Romain Fornell‘s innovations. Caelis has proudly exhibited its Michelin star since 2005, just a year post-launch, a status reaffirmed in 2019 after its relocation to Barcelona’s Ohla Hotel. The venue presents three tasting menus (including a vegetarian choice), a lunch menu, and a wine cellar housing over 300 selections. If you’re seeking a Michelin-starred vegetarian restaurant in Barcelona, make your way to Caelis.

🌟 | Barrio Gótico | Via Laietana, 49 |  @caelisbcn | 935101205 | caelis.com

18. Via Veneto

by David Andrés

Having trained under Jordi Cruz’s ABaC banner and twice recognized as the best chef in Spain and Portugal, David Andrés etches his name into culinary history with his Michelin-starred restaurant, Via Veneto, in Barcelona. Every item on the menu engages the palate of the most particular diners, reviving traditional tastes via cutting-edge, contemporary concoctions.

🌟 | Sarrià-Sant Gervasi | C/ de Ganduxer, 10 | @viavenetobarcelona | 932007244 | viavenetobarcelona.com 

19. Xerta

by Fran y Joaquim López

Nestled within the Ohla hotel and managed by brothers Fran and Joaquin López, Xerta restaurant entices its guests with dishes inspired by Les Terres de l’Ebre. Consistently holding onto their Michelin star status since 2016, they have impressed with each offering, be it the exquisite tasting menu or the value-for-money lunch menu. The latter stands out, delivering high quality at an unbeatable price.

🌟 | La Dreta de l’Eixample  | C/ de Còrsega, 289 | @xertarestaurant | 937379080 | xertarestaurant.com 

20. Lluerna

by Víctor Quintillá

Located in the Santa Coloma de Gramenet district of Barcelona, you’ll discover Lluerna, a one-star Michelin restaurant, with Chef Victor Quintanillá leading the kitchen and Mar Goméz orchestrating the dining experience. Thanks to its prime location, it benefits from the freshest local produce, crafting dishes that are as delightful as they are unexpected. It also boasts a green star from the Michelin guide and three Repsol Suns.

🌟 | Sta Coloma de Gramanet | Av. Pallaresa, 104 | @lluernarestaurant | 933910820 | lluernarestaurant.com

21. Can Jubany

by Nandu Jubany

Located in Vic, the capital of the Osona region, the Michelin-starred restaurant Can Jubany provides a warm welcome. Nestled within a traditional Catalan farmhouse that resonates with Catalonia’s historic charm, Nandu Jubany and his team honor the surrounding land, Catalan culture, and traditions, ensuring each dish is a culinary delight. Uniquely, it’s among the few gourmet restaurants that offer an a la carte menu. Additionally, the farmhouse provides accommodations, facilitating a complete and immersive experience.

🌟 | Vic | Ctra. de Sant Hilari, s/n | @nandujubany_oficial | 938891023 | canjubany.com

22. Tresmacarrons

by Miguel Aldana

Located in Barcelona, the Michelin-starred Tresmacarrons is managed by Miguel Aldana, who serves modern Catalan cuisine with a seasonal twist. The ever-changing tasting menus are dictated by the seasons, ensuring customers always enjoy the finest produce. The restaurant represents the sea, mountains, and vegetable garden, embodying sustainability in every aspect.

🌟 | El Masnou | Av. Maresme, 21 | @tresmacarrons | 935409266 | tresmacarrons.com

23. Fonda Sala

by Toni Sala y Autora Gabasa

Fonda Sala, as self-described on their website, isn’t after accolades or praise; their singular pursuit is culinary excellence and guest satisfaction. Nevertheless, their dedication has earned them a Michelin star for the past 30 years. Apart from serving exceptional food, the inn offers comfortable accommodations, allowing guests to unwind in the peaceful ambience of the Olost village.

🌟 | Olst | Pl. Major, 17, 08516 Olost, Barcelona | 938880106 | fondasala.com

24. Els Casals

by Oriol Rovira

Els Casals highlights the bounty of the land in its menus. Growing everything consumed in-house, the restaurant guarantees fresh, season-influenced produce sourced from their own fields. Nestled in a serene natural setting, Oriol Rovira,’s restaurant is housed in a charming farmhouse, a quintessential Catalan structure, where the tranquillity of the countryside and delectable food come together. They also offer guest rooms for a more immersive stay.

🌟 | Sagàs| 08517 Sagàs | @elscasals | 938251200 |  elscasals.cat

25. L’Ó

by Ivan Margalef

L’Ó, the sole Michelin-starred restaurant in Bages, Barcelona, seeks to introduce customers to the region’s gastronomic gems. It harmoniously blends traditional and contemporary concepts. Head Chef Ivan Margalef crafts signature dishes that draw inspiration from the local environment, a culinary approach he refers to as “Michelin accessible to all”.

🌟 | Navarcles | de Bages, Camí de Sant Benet, s/n | @lorestaurante | 938759429 | monsantbenet.com

New Michelin-starred restaurants in Barcelona in 2023 🌟

26. Enigma

by Albert Adrià

Simply setting foot into the restaurant will astound you; the decor appears otherworldly. Are you stepping into paradise? Nearly, as the experience is truly divine. Anticipate surprising cuisine featuring seasonal ingredients, where Albert Adrià‘s culinary prowess takes centre stage. It’s a genuine enigma, one that can only be unravelled by fully immersing in the experience at this fresh Michelin-starred restaurant in Barcelona.

🌟 | Barrio de Sant Antoni | C/ de Sepúlveda, 38, 40 | @enigma_albertadria | 616696322 | enigmaconcept.es

27. Mont Bar

by Fran Agudo

High gastronomy in a bar? It might seem like these concepts are contradictory, but Fran Agudo proves they can go hand in hand and overcome the idea of what a “bar” is, earning a Michelin star in 2023. It’s not a simulation of a bar within a restaurant; it’s a real bar. The owner describes it as follows: You enjoy high cuisine dishes and techniques in a 30m² bar, with good background music. And if you want to go out and smoke, you can; if you want to shout, you can. That’s what people love.

🌟 |L’Antiga Esquerra de l’Eixample | C/ de la Diputació, 220 | @mont_bar | 933239590 | montbar.com  

28. Aleia

by Paulo Airaudo

The arrival of Paulo Airaudo in the Condal City brings a Michelin star with it. Chef Rafa Bedoya was already known among foodies who had visited restaurants like Celler de Can Roca, Cenador de Amos, Lú Cocina, and Alma, but since joining forces with Airaudo at Aleia, he has been attracting lovers of fine cuisine passing through Barcelona, including the mysterious Michelin inspectors. If you want to surprise someone, this Michelin-starred restaurant in Barcelona is ideal.

🌟 | Villa de Gracia | Pg. de Gràcia, 132 | @aleiarestaurant | 935020041 | aleiarestaurant.com

29. Come

by Paco Méndez

“Come by Paco Méndez” is like the Phoenix bird. After the Hoja Santa project closed due to the pandemic, it rose from the ashes as “Come” to delight the most discerning diners that love Mexican cuisine. Repeat diners highlight the value-for-money and predict further growth in their accolades. This Michelin-starred restaurant in Barcelona is more than cheap, good, and beautiful.

🌟 | Barrio de Sant Antoni| Av. de Mistral, 54 | @comerestaurant | 938275977 | come.com.es

30. Slow & Low

by Nicolás de la Vega y Frank Beltri

Two bars designed for couples, a large table for groups, and an open kitchen where you can see the techniques and artistry of each cook and chef. Nicolás de la Vega and Frank Beltri opened this restaurant shortly after meeting, and within months, it already displayed its Michelin star. The restaurant’s concept is based on integrating foreign ingredients and flavours into Mediterranean cuisine. A must-visit among Barcelona’s Michelin-starred restaurants in 2023.

🌟 | L’Antiga Esquerra de l’Eixample | C/ del Comte Borrell, 119 | @slowandlowbcn | 936254512 | slowandlowbcn.com

Restaurantes de Barcelona de Guía Michelín que no te puedes perder

Barcelona is a culinary culture in its purest form. Its 30 Michelin stars make it the forefront city of avant-garde gastronomy worldwide. You can find everything for everyone: tapas bars, family restaurants, or luxurious establishments only accessible to the privileged few, each offering a different and exclusive experience.

There are highly recognized restaurants that don’t yet have Michelin stars, either because they are not actively seeking them or because their time hasn’t come yet. Whatever the reason, these restaurants know how to delight their audience with luxurious, innovative, and traditional flavours. Many of them are led by nationally renowned chefs.

Enough said, enjoy the non-Michelin-starred restaurants in Barcelona that promise an equally remarkable experience.

31. Amar Barcelona

by Rafa Zafra

“Amar” or “a Mar,” it doesn’t matter. In this restaurant, both concepts evoke the same emotions. Rafa Zafra focuses his menu on the flavour of the sea and his love for the city of Barcelona, showcasing the products from the Mediterranean coast. Since its opening in 2022, it has captured the hearts and palates of locals and international personalities like Barack Obama, Bruce Springsteen, and Steven Spielberg.

La Dreta de l’Eixample | Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 668 | @amarbarcelonarestaurant | 931039988 | hotelpalacebarcelona.com

32. GoXO

by Dabiz Muñoz

GoXO, directed by celebrated chef David Muñoz, grooves to the beat of fast food while preserving gourmet quality—it’s an experiment that eludes categorization. No reservations are permitted; you queue, order at the counter, get a ticket, and await your meal. As straightforward as any fast-food outlet yet as sophisticated as the chef’s inventive cuisine, it’s an experience that delivers and is worth the adventure. 

P.S. The servings are ample, and the flavours are robust. What more could you desire?

Les Corts de Sarrià | Carrer de Déu i Mata, 69-98 | @elgoxo | elgoxo.com

33. Fonda España

by Martín Berasategui

Does it matter if it lacks a Michelin star when the culinary Michelin Chef Berasategui is at its helm? Here, the chef aims to elevate conventional tastes and flavours through straightforward, balanced cuisine accessible to all. Diverse inventive menus cater to an array of preferences and budgets. Certainly, another rising star among Barcelona’s restaurants.

El Raval | C/ de Sant Pau, 9, 11 | @fondaespanya | 935500010 | hotelespanya.com

34. Estimar

by Rafa Zafra

The finest cheesecake beyond Asturias is served here. Another eatery endorsed by Rafa Zafra, it once more displays his affinity for the ocean and reverence for its bounty. The recipes are simple, highlighting the taste of each primary ingredient. Standouts? The squid with black ink and the Roses shrimp.

El Borne | Carrer de Sant Antoni dels Sombrerers, 3 | @estimarzafra | 932689197 | restaurante-estimar.com 

35. Botafumeiro

by Moncho Neira

The venue’s elegance transports you back to the 18th century. Merely entering, the decor hints at an unforgettable encounter. Moreover, it’s a notable seafood establishment in Barcelona, offering the freshest market produce. “From the sea to the table” serves as their motto, perfectly befitting this esteemed Galician restaurant.

Villa de Gracia | C/ Gran de Gràcia, 81 | @botafumeirobcn | 932184230 | botafumeiro.es

The golden rules followed by Michelin-Star Restaurants

The Guía Michelín emphasises the importance of dishes when awarding the coveted stars. Innovation, avant-garde techniques, traditional flavours, flavour combinations, unimaginable textures—anything goes in this game, except for mediocrity. The Michelin experience must be complete and extremely flavorful, meeting the following requirements:

  • Personality
  • Techniques used to prepare the dishes
  • Creative recipes executed with excellence in both presentation and flavour
  • The visual presentation of the dishes

The guide downplays the importance of service, decor, or concept, although personally, I believe that all senses directly influence what the palate experiences: vision, touch or texture, aroma, the ambiance of the venue, and the emotions conveyed by each gastronomic proposal.

All these Michelin-starred restaurants in Barcelona guarantee an experience that everyone should live at least once in their lifetime.

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